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PlayStation Live Events App To Be Discontinued On PS3 & PS4

PlayStation Live Events App
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PlayStation Live Events App To Be Discontinued On PS3 & PS4

The PlayStation Live Events App will soon be a thing of the past. This is because Sony has already announced the discontinuation of the same. However, it may not matter if you already possess a PlayStation 4 console.

PlayStation 4 users will be able to watch live events on another app as per reports. This effectively rules out the need for the PlayStation Live Events App. No official reasons have been given for the discontinuation of the app though.

The PlayStation Live Events App will be discontinued from 10th January in North America. This has been officially confirmed by Sony. GameSpot reports that PS4 users can still purchase live events from the PlayStation Store.

When Will The Changes Take Place? 

This feature will also be available from the 10th of January, 2017. However, PS3 users will definitely feel a little short charged. No official replacements have been announced by Sony for PS3.

It also has to be taken into account that PS3 is a console that is aging now. The Live Events Viewer App got its official PS3 launch in the year 2013. PS4 users got access to this in 2014. This app enables watching paid and free live content for users.

Twinfinite has also confirmed that Sony will be discontinuing the app from tomorrow. PS4 users will now have to rely on the PlayStation Store instead of the earlier app. PS3 users who wish to view any live events in 2017 will be left at a loss.

What PS3 Users Can Do 

It may be wiser to consider upgrading to the PlayStation 4 console instead. The Live Events Viewer app made for a useful add-on for users. It enabled seamless viewing of major live events pertaining to popular games, sports and much more.

This decision by Sony may spark mass upgradation of PS3 consoles to PS4 by users as per reports.

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