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PlayStation Plus Free Games April 2017 – First Title Revealed

Playstation Plus Free Games


PlayStation Plus Free Games April 2017 – First Title Revealed

Avid fans of PlayStation Plus free games can get a glimpse of April’s installments. The title Drawn to Death arrives on the PS4 with its wild gameplay. This is an interesting addition to the PS Plus slate, as the entry also makes its official launch in April.

PlayStation Plus free games have been available for its subscribers since 2010. This allowed players to keep games in their Instant Game Collection for as long as they are a PlayStation Plus member. The feature let fans of a lot of titles get both classic and new releases for free.

Drawn to Death appears to be an exception. Not a lot of games have been officially released as part of the PlayStation Plus free games list. This can make it quite the intriguing find for curious gamers.

PlayStation Plus Free Games: Drawn to Death

Drawn to Death is an upcoming mash-up of the third-person shooter and brawler arena genre. Game developer David Jaffe created the game with his team from The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency and the SIE San Diego Studio. The title officially releases on April 4 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Jaffe has been developing the game since 2013. GameSpot reports that the title may confuse players who are used to titles with linear mechanics. Drawn to Death appears to sacrifice ease of access for a depth of gameplay options. Scott Butterworth writes that this is a bold move for a new entry. However, Jaffe affirmed that experimentation plays a key role in every session.

The developer added that the game was based on hit titles such as Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and Mortal Kombat. These are not arena entries such as Quake or Unreal, which might explain why Drawn to Death has a drastically different gameplay style. Jaffe explained this is because his game is supposed to be “skill-based” and competitive.

He added that players should expect to win because they are “good” and not because of an upgrade. However, Drawn to Death gets rid of a lot of shooter game tropes as well. The title does not feature a leveling system, and everything can be unlocked for free.


Features, Gameplay

Jaffe told the PlayStation Blog more details about his game in an interview. For a brief summary, the title allows four players to fight in an “arena.” However, unlike other brawlers, the characters and arenas are based on the “pages of a teenager’s notebook.” This means the entry features a hand-drawn visual style.

The game allows players to choose from various characters, all of which have their own special attacks. The environment allows gamers to choose a variety of weapons as well. Fans can see Drawn to Death as a re-imagined version of the Twisted Metal series. This is an apt comparison as Jaffe also made Twisted Metal.

Jaffe also hinted that the game has a lot of hidden features. Weapons themselves have special firing “modes” that players have to discover. For instance, a rocket launcher has a second firing option if the trigger is clicked in a precise manner. This means gamers always have to experiment.

Unfortunately, Drawn to Death is the only PS Plus free game revealed for April. Sony usually reveals the official lineup around the 28th to the 30th of every month. However, gamers can still download March’s free titles from the PlayStation Network.

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