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Pokemon Bank: Here’s What Happens When Transferring MissingNo

Pokemon Bank
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Pokemon Bank: Here’s What Happens When Transferring MissingNo

It seems like an old glitch from the past has come back to haunt Pokemon games once again. Pokemon Bank just made MissingNo available to traverse through Pokemon Sun and Moon and it’s doing weird things once more.

Pokemon Bank is a service that allows players to transfer their Pokemon between old and new games. It’s up and available for Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, this also has players transfer the MissingNo glitch, causing Pokemon names to get all mixed up.

How did it end up in Sun and Moon? Those who managed to catch MissingNo in previous games and stored it in the Pokemon Bank decided to try it out and what it would look like in Sun and Moon. It was only a matter of time for curious fans to test it out.

What Is MissingNo?

For those who were not around since the time of Pokemon Red and Blue, MissingNo is a programming error. It shows up as a Pokemon, although in reality, it’s not. It looks like a block of scrambled graphics when one chances upon it.

MissingNo has many characteristics of a Pokemon. To catch it would mean causing glitches in Red and Blue. However, in Pokemon Yellow, it causes the game to freeze.

MissingNo In Sun And Moon

In Sun and Moon, having MissingNo in your Transport Bank won’t carry over. But it does affect your other Pokemon. For instance, it changes the name of the Pokemon right next to it.

If you look at the photos below, Rhydon has the name Tentacool. The next Pokemon beside it has their name changed too.

This might be a big deal to some. But if you’re alright with your Squirtle having the name Pikachu, then MissingNo won’t be much of a problem for now.

Check out the video below on how MissingNo works.

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