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Pokemon GO Water Festival Event: How To Get The Magikarp Hat

Pokemon GO Water Festival Event
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Pokemon GO Water Festival Event: How To Get The Magikarp Hat

Pokemon GO fans, rejoice! Besides the Pokemon GO Water Festival Event raising the spawn rates of Water-type Pokemon, the special event also enables players to have a Magikarp hat on their Trainer avatars. Best of all, the Magikarp hat is for free!

Pokemon GO Water Festival Event: What’s The Magikarp Hat For?

Primarily, the new Magikarp hat seems to be mainly for cosmetic purposes only. It makes for a cute addition on players’ Trainers avatars, and it’s all the more festive when considered as a celebratory piece in line with the special Water Festival event.

However, there might be more to the Magikarp hat than meets the eye. While it seems to be a special accessory to add on to a Trainer’s avatar, according to one user on Silph Road, the popular Pokemon GO sub-Reddit, the Magikarp spawn rate had seemingly increased after donning the new Magikarp item.

“It’s just random,” wrote Pokemadness16 on Silph Road, “but as soon as I put [the Magikarp hat] on and restarted [the] app, a Magikarp spawned.”

It’s worth noting that there have yet to be any other reports that confirm the Magikarp hat actually affects the spawn rate of Magikarps. After all, the Water Festival event alone already raises the chances of Trainers running into such Pokemon in the wild, so the spawn rate might have been increased by the event and not the actual Magikarp Hat.

How To Get The Magikarp Hat

The special Magikarp hat simply appears with the rest of the hats upon reaching the customization page of your Trainer avatar. While some have reported that no such item appeared in their roster, others have suggested simply restarting the app in order for the hat to finally appear.

The Magikarp hat is completely free–at least for now whilst the Pokemon GO Water Festival Event continues to run–so now’s your chance to get your hands on the Magikarp accessory without any additional cost while it’s still available.

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