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Pokemon Go Apple Watch App: Specs, How It Works & More

Pokemon Go Apple Watch App

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Pokemon Go Apple Watch App: Specs, How It Works & More

Niantic recently released its newest product that will complement Pokemon Go. The Pokemon Go Apple Watch App features a top-of-the-line list of specs, hardware, and more.

Features And How It Works

With the Pokemon Go Apple watch app, there is no need to take out the smartphone to look for Pokémon. The watch will send a notification every time there is a Pokémon in the area. A Reddit user posted some screenshots of the app. Here is how it should look like:

Pokemon Go Apple Watch App

It also shows which Pokemon appeared. Players can now choose if it is worth catching or not. However, there is no way to catch the Pokemon via the app. Trainers have to take out their phones in order to catch the creature. A plus point for Pokemon Go Plus, it not only tracks the Pokémon nearby, players can also use the app to catch it. The only drawback is trainers will not be able to see which creature is roaming around.

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Moreover, the Pokemon Go Apple watch app can also be used to get all items at PokéStops nearby. It also tracks the kilometers walked, a good feature in case the trainer is determined to collect Shiny Pokemon. The Shiny creatures can be hatched in an egg, wherein the rare ones usually appear in the 10km versions. Furthermore, the recorded kilometers walked in the Pokemon Go app will be added to the activity rings of the Apple Watch.

Even more, the app also notifies the trainer if they successfully hatched a Pokemon egg. Also, the watch app prompts players if they won a medal.

How To Download

Players can now select from the Apple Watch or the Pokemon Go Plus watch for their trainer needs. They just have to choose if catching a Pokemon using the Pokemon Go Plus is more important than seeing it first via the Apple Watch before taking out their phone.

Head to this link to get access to the Pokemon Go Apple Watch App. Just pop the Watch app on iPhone and then select the Pokémon option. The app will appear by turning on Shop App on Apple Watch. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech and more.

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