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Pokemon Go Apple Watch Guide: How App Measures Distance Traveled

Pokemon Go Apple Watch
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Raymond Strazdas account

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Pokemon Go Apple Watch Guide: How App Measures Distance Traveled

The Pokemon Go Apple Watch app has just been launched and right in time for Christmas. It has multiple functions of gameplay, in getting some needed exercise, and exploring reality.

The Pokemon Go Apple Watch release has fans excited. The ability to accurately record movement is a plus in this free mobile game from Niantic.

Pokemon Go‘s Problem with the iPhone

In the Apple Watch, the best way to catch Pokemon is by hatching them. This can only be done when players obtain the eggs and walk a given number of kilometers in real life while wearing the watch. This has been made easier by Niantic by cooperating with Apple. Before, players would have to bring their phone along with them and keep it unlocked so that their movement and walk will be measured. It has been a heavy burden that the phone should be unlocked first so that the counting will commence.

With the iPhone, the measurement is not done accurately. Now, with Pokemon Go’s Apple Watch, accuracy is not a problem as experienced by its users.

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How the App Measures the Actual Steps Taken

Pokemon Go in the Apple Watch need not be linked to your iPhone. The phone only has to be within Bluetooth range of the Apple Watch.

Your steps will register in the Pokemon Go Apple Watch even when your phone is locked. And the Apple Watch measures your actual steps taken rather than the distance you have traveled, although this is yet to be confirmed. The difference with the game when played on the iPhone is that the iPhone only registers how far you’ve traveled than registering how much you have walked. Thus, if you are trying the cheat by walking on a treadmill, it would not work.

Pokemon Go Plus, the device especially made for the game, which is worth $35, is similar to its Apple Watch version. It also measures the distance without opening the app. However, it does not use the same system as the iPhone Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Apple Watch

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/IGN News account

Apple Watch Can’t Catch Pokemon

The main downside of the Apple Watch is that it can’t catch Pokemon. You will only be alerted whenever a Pokemon is lurking nearby and you have to use your iPhone to actually catch it.

The Apple Watch will also inform you when a PokeStop is nearby. But, you can collect all the items in the PokeStop using the Apple Watch itself.

Apple Watch App’s Functions

Niantic provides the following details on the Apple Watch app’s function:

  • Logs each play session as a workout, with gameplay counting toward personal Activity rings
  • Receives notifications on nearby Pokemon
  • Counts distance toward hatching Pokemon Eggs
  • Receives Candy with your Buddy Pokemon
  • Gets notifications about PokeStops nearby and collects items from such
  • Notifies when Eggs hatch and medals are awarded

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