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Pokemon Go Apple Watch Guide: How To Track Pokemon In App

Pokemon Go Apple Watch App

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Pokemon Go Apple Watch Guide: How To Track Pokemon In App

Pokemon Go Apple watch app was first announced in September during an Apple event. After almost three months of waiting, the game’s developer Niantic, revealed today that the app has finally gone live and is now available for download.

The watchOS version of the popular game is, for obvious reasons, not the full game. It is a more stripped down version of Pokemon Go and Pokemon Go Plus. It has limited functions but functions that can make playing the game more convenient and safer.

The Pokemon Go Apple watch app’s main function is basically for notifications. For people on the go or driving a car, a tap on the wrist to know if there is a nearby Pokemon is better than constantly pulling out a smartphone just to check. The watch will also alert the user of any nearby Pokestops. A notification is also received when eggs hatch.

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But of course, none of these will happen if the settings are not right. After downloading the app, head on to the Notifications tab in Settings then turn on both Pokemon and Pokestop. As reported by Heavy, once it is turned on, the player will feel the tap on the wrist. At this point, if the player wants to catch a Pokemon, he or she will need the smartphone app. However, if it is only a Pokestop and the player wants to collect an item, a smartphone is not need as he or she can just swipe on the screen.

Pokemon Go Apple Watch

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What else for Pokemon Go Apple Watch app?

Since the app is now part of the Apple watch, all the unintended workout for catching and tracking Pokemon can now be recorded and be of use. Not only can the count be saved but it will also show the calories burned while playing the game. According to a report by Pocket Lint, players can end and resume their Pokemon workout activity through the watch app.

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