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Pokemon GO April Fools Event Seems Unlikely After 0.59 Android Update

Pokemon GO April Fools Event
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Pokemon GO April Fools Event Seems Unlikely After 0.59 Android Update

The Water Festival Event has come to an end and Niantic Labs recently released Pokemon GO update v0.59.2. Based on the contents of the update, it appears that a Pokemon GO April Fools event might not push through.

According to The Silph Road, Pokemon GO‘s GAME_Master contained no changes at all. They have only found substantive additions in the code that added two sponsor types: Salamander and Plancha.

With April Fools coming in just a few days, it is most unlikely for Niantic Labs to release another update since it just recently held its Water Festival event. Although the idea of a Pokemon GO April Fools event is good, developers show no sign of holding one.

Previous Pokemon GO events held by Niantic Labs were announced days before the event would start. However, the recent Water Festival Event was announced only a day before the event itself. Trainers still have a day or two to expect any announcements from the developers.

If April 1, 2017 comes and no announcement or noticeable changes are noticed, an April Fools event is definitely ruled out. Niantic Labs usually hold in-game events in commemoration of real-life events held worldwide.

Three Legendary Birds Might Come for April Update

Trainers expect Niantic Labs to, at least, give the bonuses such as extended timers on Incenses and Lure Modules. Meanwhile, a Reddit user, speculated that they might release the three Legendary Birds next after the Water Festival Event.

According to the post, in the movie Pokemon 2000, Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of the original Pokemon series, arrived in a Water Festival Event before releasing Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. Since Niantic Labs did not release the three Legendary Birds during the duration of the event, they might reveal them in the next one.

Instead of having the three Legendary Birds, Niantic Labs treated its trainers with Shiny Magikarps and Shiny Gyarados. Aside from that, they also received increased spawn rates for Water-type Pokemon and a new Magikarp Hat.

Releasing the three Legendary Bird on April 1st can be a good move for Pokemon GO. Niantic Labs can even troll trainers into revealing a Ditto instead of the actual Legendaries once caught.

So far, Niantic Labs has not yet announced any upcoming plans or events in Pokemon GO. Head over at their official website to be updated for any official announcements.

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