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Pokemon GO April Fools Event Predictions: More Funny Pokemon Spawns, Longer Boost Timers, And More

Pokemon GO April Fools
Image grabbed from Pokemon GO YouTube Channel.

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Pokemon GO April Fools Event Predictions: More Funny Pokemon Spawns, Longer Boost Timers, And More

Almost more than a month passed since Niantic Labs held an event for Pokemon GO and players expect a new one soon. This coming April, developers of the popular AR game might treat its players with a Pokemon GO April Fools event. Like previous events, Pokemon trainers can expect certain bonuses in-game for a limited period.

According to Pokemon GO Live, the last event Niantic Labs made for the game was on February during Pokemon Day. It lasted for one week and it gave players an exclusive event Pokemon, a Festive Pikachu. If developers will proceed with the Pokemon GO April Fools event, trainers can expect the same or more content.

Increased Spawn Rate for Funny Pokemon

If the Pokemon GO April Fools event continues, players might encounter more funny Pokemon than usual. Gen 1 and Gen 2 doesn’t have a huge number of funny Pokemon ,but they include notable ones. From the first generation, Mr. Mime, Lickitung, and Haunter can be considered funny. Meanwhile, the second generation can include Sudowoodo.

Mr. Mime is, without a doubt, the funniest Pokemon in Gen 1 because of its base model and nature. Meanwhile, Lickitung just really has a really huge tongue hanging out and Haunter is based on the episode Haunter versus Kadabra in the original series. It was Haunter that made Gym Leader Sabrina laugh and helped Ash Ketchum defeat her.

Double Boost Timers

Like in previous events, Niantic Labs might increase the timers for both Pokemon Incenses and Lure Modules. Pokemon Incenses and Lure Modules might last for one hour and six hours, respectively, if the event would happen.

Players can use Pokemon Incenses whenever they are on the move and cannot stay at a PokeStop. Meanwhile, those who are stationary can take advantage of the six hours extension of Lure Modules applied in PokeStops. Both will increase the chances of encountering Pokemon and this includes the event Pokemon.

Double Candy Gain

Similar to the Valentine’s Day event, players might gain candies twice as fast through catching, hatching, and transferring Pokemon during the event. It will allow them to accumulate more candies that they can use for powering up or evolving their Pokemon.

More Dittos!

Niantic Labs previously introduced Ditto in the Pokemon GO world by disguising him as a different Pokemon on the map. Developers could pull off a great prank to everyone by increasing the spawn rate of Ditto.

They could also release Legendary Pokemon that will appear as Ditto once caught. Niantic Labs has not yet made any announcements about the possibility of having a Pokemon GO April Fools event.

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