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Pokémon GO April Fools Event Could Happen, Here’s Why

Pokemon GO April Fools
Image grabbed from Pokemon GO YouTube Channel.

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Pokémon GO April Fools Event Could Happen, Here’s Why

Niantic Labs had celebrated various in-game events in Pokemon GO during widely celebrated happenings. The developer held a Valentine’s Day event as well as a Pokemon Day event in February where they introduced different bonuses for a limited period of time. Next month, things are looking good for Pokemon trainers as they might consider making a Pokemon GO April Fools event.

The chance of having a Pokemon GO April Fools event is high unlike the previously speculated St. Patrick’s Day event. This is because April Fools is a commonly celebrated day by everyone. By that time, it will also be a month since Niantic Labs’s last in-game event.

Pokemon GO Development History

Another reason is because according to the recently concluded Origins of Pokemon GO panel, the game started off as an April Fools. Google Maps Engineer Tatsuo Nomura thought that it would be a great prank to incorporate both Pokemon and Google Maps. Everyone thought it would be a fun and simple idea, but Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke had other plans in minds.

Hanke eventually contacted The Pokemon Company (TPC) and suggested the idea of having a Pokemon game on mobile devices. TPC liked the idea, but they wanted to make sure that the game will be distinct from existing Pokemon games.

Niantic Labs then split from Google at that point and when they made the announcement, it included a screenshot from the iconic episode Bye Bye Butterfree. Having a Pokemon GO April Fools event could commemorate the origins of the game itself.

Possible Updates that Could Happen during April Fools

One of the problems that Niantic Labs had issued in Pokemon GO is the current Gym Battle system. According to the developer, it is the worst feature at the moment and they plan on improving it even further. They can release the update at the same time as April Fools and hold some events which involved it.

Another one of the most anticipated feature is Pokemon Trading. Trainers had speculated it since Pokemon GO first came out and Niantic Labs said that they are working on it. They have lots of ideas in mind about the feature, and one of their plans is restricting online trading.

Niantic Lab has yet to make any official announcements regarding the possibility of a Pokemon GO April Fools event. Considering Niantic usually announces their event a few days before the actual event, Niantic still has enough time to reveal the news.

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