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Pokemon GO April Fools Event Should Spawn Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon GO April Fools Event
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Pokemon GO April Fools Event Should Spawn Legendary Pokemon

Niantic Labs has recently began the Water Festival Event for Pokemon GO and it will end on March 29, 2017. What follows is the possibility of a Pokemon GO April Fools Event that should spawn Legendary Pokemon and here’s why.

Developers usually hold events in Pokemon GO in relation with those celebrated worldwide. The first day of next month will be April Fools and they might consider starting an event despite having just celebrated one.

Instead of just releasing Legendary Pokemon, Niantic Labs should reveal them as Dittos once caught by trainers. They could also decide to release them, but with a really low encounter rate to maintain their rarity.

One reason why Niantic Labs should hold a Pokemon GO April Fools Event is to make up for its past mistakes. They did not have a good start with Pokemon GO. Since a month after its launch, its ratings went down for the removal of some key features in the game.

Having fun with the trainers by trolling them with Dittos disguised as Legendary Pokemon can have two effects: Trainers could either appreciate the Pokemon GO April Fools Event or hate it. Imagine having every Pokemon that day spawn as any of the Legendary Pokemon from Gen 1 or Gen 2, it would be a total chaos.

Legendaries to Complete the Pokedex

Despite that, trainers can still have fun hunting for these Legendary Pokemon in order to finally complete the Pokedex. Although developers have already introduced Gen 2 Pokemon in the game, the original 151 Pokemon are still not complete.

Five Legendary Pokemon, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mewtwo, and Mew, from the original still do not exist within the game. Meanwhile, they can also be introducd along with the Legendary Pokemon from Johto. The three Legendary Johto Pokemon include  Suicune, Entei, and Raikou, and the tower duos, Lugia and Ho-Oh should also make their appearance.

Making Up for Previous Accidental Release

Another reason why they should spawn Legendary Pokemon is to make up for the previous accidental Articuno release last year. Kaitly Covey caught an Articuno and managed to prove that it exists in her party through a live stream. Niantic Labs then contacted her and took away her Articuno since they released it by mistake

The last reason is because trainers have demanded for Legendary Pokemon since Gen 1 of the game. Developers have already included several anticipated features in the game. Spawning Legendaries would be a bonus for the players since most have already caught the obtainable Pokemon in Gen 1.

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