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Pokemon GO Breeding: Top 3 Signs It’s Niantic’s Next Feature

Pokemon GO Breeding
Image grabbed from Pokemon GO YouTube Channel.

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Pokemon GO Breeding: Top 3 Signs It’s Niantic’s Next Feature

Shiny Magikarp and Shiny Gyarados had just came into the world of Pokemon GO and trainers have already began wondering about the next feature. Most point towards the addition of all Shiny Pokemon for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 but one feature, Pokemon GO Breeding, has been overlooked.

Developer Game Freak first introduced Pokemon Breeding in the second generation Pokemon games: Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver, and Pokemon Crystal. They also added the same feature in future Pokemon games including Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green, the remakes of the first games.

Pokemon Breeding allows trainers to place two Pokemon of different gender or with a Ditto in a day-care. After leaving the two Pokemon for some time, the day-care lady will tell trainers that she has found a Pokemon Egg. This will hatch into whatever Pokemon the trainers have left in said place.

There is no doubt that Niantic Labs will also include Pokemon GO Breeding in the popular AR game. Three signs have already appeared which leads to the conclusion that developers might add the said feature in the next Pokemon GO update.

1. Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

As soon as the Gen 2 update became live on Pokemon GO, trainers anticipated for the release of other features. These include Pokemon battles, Pokemon trading, Baby Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, and Pokemon Breeding. Niantic Labs already released Baby Pokemon while fans still anticipate for the others.

Niantic Labs gave signs regarding Legendary Pokemon, but recent updates had kept those again in the dark. With the recent updates that Pokemon GO had, trainers might not wait any longer for Pokemon GO Breeding. Ditto also contributes to the fact that the said feature might come soon.

2. Pokemon Egg Location Details

Trainers recently found out that Niantic Labs have included Pokemon Egg location details that show them when and where they discovered the egg. Beneath those details, developers left a wide space, probably for other details which might include the parent Pokemon of said egg.

Plus, the addition of Pokemon GO Breeding would introduce another way of getting Pokemon Eggs other than spinning PokeStops. It will add more diversity of the game which will further improve the gameplay experience of trainers.

3. Pokemon Gender

Niantic Labs has already introduced Pokemon gender and aside from the slight difference in appearance, they are useful for Pokemon Breeding. This might be biggest telltale sign for breeding since genders would not have any use in Pokemon GO if developers would not introduce Breeding.

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