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Pokemon GO Bug Rewards 400,000 Exp Per Hour

Pokemon GO Bug
Image grabbed from Pokemon GO subreddit.

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Pokemon GO Bug Rewards 400,000 Exp Per Hour

After the recent update, some trainers have encountered a Pokemon GO bug that gave them huge amounts of experience in a single Gym Battle. A Gym normally holds between one to 10 Pokemon, but a bug increased the enemy cap. It does not look like a visual glitch since it gave the trainers the exact amount of experience shown.

User A1Ale posted on the Pokemon GO subreddit an image of him finishing a Pokemon Gym raid. It showed the end-game stats where he somehow defeated 90 Pokemon, rewarding him with 13,500 experience. The Pokemon Gym he attacked belonged to Team Valor with 1253 Prestige and is located at Candangos, Brasilia, Brasil.

According to the thread starter, the Pokemon GO bug occurred after a lot of players attacked the same Gym. After the raid, the game lagged for a bit and it gave each participating trainer huge amounts of experience. However, some received more experience and defeated more Pokemon than others.

Trainers have not yet discovered how to fully replicate the discovered Pokemon GO bug, but it seemed to only happen after the update. Another user did the math and trainers can gain at least 400,000 experience per hour if  abused.

Pokemon GO Bug Might Lead to Account Selling

Trainers require 20 million experience to reach level 40, the max level in Pokemon GO, beginning from level one. If a trainer would perform the discovered bug, it will allow him to reach the cap level in a span of 50 hours or in just three days if played continuously.

They can further improve the bug if they will use a Pokemon Egg which will double the experience given from all sources. It would mean that it will reduce the 50 hours required to reach 20 million experience to half. Niantic Labs has not yet addressed the issue, but it seemed to be difficult to replicate.

Most trainers have a hard time grinding for experience in Pokemon GO, especially those past level 30. Instead of the usual 50,ooo additional experience after reaching level 20, they had to grind double its amount. Figuring out how this bug works might open up the idea of account selling for other people.

According to Pokemon GO’s Terms of Services, account selling is a prohibited offense that could lead to a temporary or permanent ban. Developers might soon discover the bug since it has been getting a lot of attention on the Pokemon GO subreddit. Niantic might release a fix for this in their Pokemon GO April update.

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