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Pokemon Go Christmas Event Teased In New Update: Here’s What We Know

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Pokemon Go Christmas Event Teased In New Update: Here’s What We Know

A lot has happened and will surely be happening in the Pokemon world this Christmas. Niantic recently teased an actual Pokemon Go Christmas event during one or two of the many holidays. What will take place during the event? What can we expect? Read further to know.

Watch out- an actual Pokemon Go Christmas event might be bleeping in many game domains near you. Yes, Christmas makes all things possible. So, it’s difficult not to bet on this one.

Unpredictable as it may seem, but more and more tell-tale signs are boosting up fans’ hopes for a possible Christmas event or holiday celebration in the Pokemon universe.

Niantic Updates:

Just today, Niantic had everyone pulled out from their seats when it released a dozen of Christmas updates for Pokemon. When everyone cried out for Generation 2 baby Pokemonsin the past few weeks, Niantic opened the day today with a whole bunch of them. Thus, a whole bunch of newly-evolved Gen 2 hatch-lings will definitely grace everybody’s holidays together.

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Full Surprise At The Window:

Niantic had been silent about this for a while now. But, it didn’t stop the fans from hoping for more Christmas updates. Accordingly, Pokemon Go earns the highest game-play traffic during the holidays. This remains true and has always been a thing since before. Niantic could best look at its previous Halloween and Thanksgiving double candy surprise and how they earned a lot through it.

This straight fact tells the fans that Niantic and possibly many other game developers cannot simply leave the holidays unmarked. And thus, the updates arrived. What more could fans expect than a good old inclusion of new baby Pokemon faces?

Pikachu’s Christmas outfit may string a chord, but updates should me more than that. Thankfully, Niantic granted the fans’ wishes this time.

What Will Most Likely Transpire During The Pokemon Go Special Christmas Event:

  • An exciting Christmas game surprise may pop up anytime in the game soon.
  • Niantic may add special Pokemon gifts branded Gold, Bronze, Silver and many more during the event.
  • Niantic may imbibe a metadata in the game code called “HasHolidayItems” which will aid players with shopping.
  • Niantic is most likely to update Pokemon’s shop button to make it appear Christmas-y.

The exact date of the event is yet to be confirmed.

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