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Pokemon Go Christmas Event: Where & How To Catch Holiday Pikachu

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Pokemon Go Christmas Event: Where & How To Catch Holiday Pikachu

The Christmas patch for Pokemon Go has already been implemented, along with brand new Pokemon and a limited edition Pikachu! The holiday patch was implemented just this 12th of December, around the same time as Generation 2 Pokemon are to be placed in the game. To make the patch more in tune with the holidays, a special limited edition Christmas Pikachu is expected to be caught this holiday season.

Limited Edition Christmas Pikachu

The Christmas edition Pikachu would only be available from December 12 up to 29. So, now is the season to hunt for one. What made things better is that despite being a limited edition, they would be easily encountered all over the world.

The major difference between the Christmas edition and standard Pikachu is the presence of a Santa hat. The stats are either most likely the same, or would have a slight variation. For those who are concerned it would lose its hat as soon as it evolves, it gets to retain to Santa hat even after evolving into Raichu.

In fact, some trainers had already captured the Christmas Pikachu, as reported on the Heavy website.

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Gen 2 Pokemon Updates

Gen 2 Pokemon had already been officially implemented in the game. However, there had been no reported sightings so far. Despite what the leaks had revealed before, Niantic has only revealed Pichu and Togepi via an official trailer announcing the presence of new Pokemon in the game.

Aside from the Gen 2 Pokemon, there are also supposed to be selected Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Silver. They would only be obtainable via eggs acquired from certain PokeStops. No other specific details have been released yet, as reported on the Games Radar site.

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