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Pokemon Go Download Update: Gen 2 Pokemon Release Next Week; Starbucks Gyms Revealed

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Pokemon Go Download Update: Gen 2 Pokemon Release Next Week; Starbucks Gyms Revealed

Gen 2 Pokemon are expected to be in the upcoming Pokemon Go update. Meanwhile, Starbucks branches now serve as Pokestops and offers exclusive Pokemon Frappuccino!

It’s been speculated ever since the game was first released, that more Pokemon would be eventually added to the game. Since the game initially contains nothing but Gen 1 Pokemon. That speculation is now going to be a reality with the upcoming update this December 12.

Gen 2 Pokemon confirmed!

The official Pokemon Twitter had announced that there would be new Pokemon this December 12 patch. However, aside from saying to expect more Pokemon, they haven’t elaborated what exactly they would be.

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 Aside from the logical assumption to expect the subsequent generation, there was a leak a month before the official announcement. Dataminers had dug up the names of 100 Pokemon. Ranging from 152 to 251, starting with Chikorita and ending with Celebi. This confirms that the upcoming Pokemon would be indeed from gen 2. So far, no other Pokemon beyond gen 2 has been found.

The files were discovered around the same time as the one for Ditto, which is already in-game several days ago. The leaks had been confirmed on the Games Radar website.

New Pokestops: Starbucks branches!

Great news for players in the US that are always on the go. Starbucks branches now serve as Pokestops nationwide! Niantic had struck a deal with the giant coffee conglomerate, so an estimated 7,800 branches have been converted into Pokemon Gyms.

To make things more interesting, Starbucks had added to its menu, the limited edition Pokemon Go Frappuccino! So forget about the Orange Mocha Frappuccino. The exclusive refreshment is a tasty blend of frozen raspberry and blackberry in a vanilla bean Frappuccino. This has been confirmed by a report in CNN.

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