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Pokemon Go: Full List Of Evolutions In Next Generation Patches

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Pokemon Go: Full List Of Evolutions In Next Generation Patches

Fans of Pokemon may declare Eevee as the poster child of evolution in the series. After all, with an evolution for almost every Pokemon type, the fluffy monster is a worthy catch. However, Pokemon Go is hiding a ton more in the game.

With more than 700 Pokemon and counting, it is evident that Pokemon Go will still have a lot of monsters to put into the game. Perhaps more exciting are those that can “evolve” or transform after a certain level. In the case of the mobile title, to “evolve” transpires after getting a certain number of candy.

Unfortunately, with the game only barely hitting 250 Pokemon, there is still a lot to wait for. However, it does not mean that players cannot anticipate newer monsters in Pokemon Go. Here are some of the creatures you may want to catch while waiting for newer generations.

Pokemon Go: Evolutions Galore

Creatures like Pokemon are categorized not just by type, but by “generations.” This is because certain Pokemon appear in certain “batches” (or generations) of games. The first set of creatures in the mobile title were from Pokemon Red, Green and Yellow. The latest batch took Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Silver.

This means there are creatures that now have evolutions that did not have them before. Game Rant provides a handy guide of Pokemon that players may want to keep as they have evolutions in future generations as well. Provided with each Pokemon is a short description and a link to their Serebii page.

More Details, Updates

The latest update of the game has been a tricky sort for fans. It did add more Pokemon into the fray, but it also released a ton of new features. As per the Niantic Labs post, fans can now purchase new cosmetic items such as clothes for their trainers.

Interestingly, evolution items are also introduced. They “jumpstart” the evolution process if they are attached to certain Pokemon, even without candies. Speaking of which, two new candies are introduced to help players catch Pokemon – one to slow down creatures, the other to provide more candy.

However, fans are still waiting for newer features to appear that will “capture” the franchise’s “spirit.” This includes player-versus-player (PvP) battles and trading. Gamers can get their best taste of PvP during Gym battles, where they fight for supremacy and control over these special locations. However, fans started to worry about trading as its primary “code” disappeared from the game’s data.

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