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Pokemon Go Gen 2 Egg Chart: Hatching Tips, CP Chances & Buddy System

Pokemon Go Gen 2

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Pokemon Go Gen 2 Egg Chart: Hatching Tips, CP Chances & Buddy System

The Pokemon Go Gen 2 Pokémon have been lurking around the game. Still clueless on how to catch them? Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to hatch eggs, increase combat power and more.

Pokémon Go Gen 2 Hatching Guide

Pokemon Go Gen 2 Egg Chart

Pokemon Go Gen 2 Egg Chart
Image Source: MajklikCZ | The Silph Road

MajklikCZ posted a comprehensive rundown of Generation 2 Pokémon. Furthermore, the list shows which type of egg the Pokémon appears. Players can easily refer to the guide anytime when searching for an egg at Poké Stops.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 Egg Chart

Source: MajklikCZ | The Silph Road

Based on the guide, Cleffa and Igglybuff can be hatched easily. These Pokémon can be hatched in 2-kilometer eggs. Meanwhile, trainers need to walk 3 kilometers longer to get a Pichu or a Togepi. Lastly, the hardest to find are Elekid, Smoochum, and Magby. They usually hatch in the 10-kilometer eggs.

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Pokemon Go Gen 2 Combat Power (CP) Chances

Also included in the list are the combat power chances for each Gen 2 Pokémon. Furthermore, the chart outlines how powerful the creatures can be when they’ve reached level 20.

Smoochum holds the record for Pokémon with the most combat power. It registers 703 combat points. While Magby can reach 673 CP when it reaches level 20. Even more, Cleffa reaches 354 CP even though it can only be obtained via a 2-kilometer egg.

Buddy System and Candies

Thanks to the buddy system, trainers can gather more candies depending on the Pokémon chosen. Enlisting the help of the Gen 2 monsters in the list will help generate a massive amount of candies. Afterwards, these candies can be used to evolve the creatures into bigger, stronger ones.

Meanwhile, Niantic is hard at work in providing new content for the unrelenting trainers who are still dedicated in catching them all. Hopefully, the rest of the Gen 2 Pokémon will be released in the wild soon.

Some of the Pokémon that is part of the Gen 2 list are Chikorita, Bayleef, Meganium, Cyndaquil and Quilava. The rest of the Gen 2 can be seen at Bulbapedia. There are still 98 creatures that have yet to show up in Pokemon Go. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic for the latest news on Pokémon Go, video games, tech and more.

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