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Pokémon GO Gen 3 Release Possibly Sooner Than Later

Pokemon GO Gen 3
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Pokémon GO Gen 3 Release Possibly Sooner Than Later

Niantic Labs had just released the Gen 2 update in Pokemon GO last month and trainers are already waiting for details for Gen 3. So far, there have been a few hints that developers might go with the Pokemon GO Gen 3 release soon. It might not take long as the time they needed for Gen 2 for them to release the next generation update.

Reddit user vikinghokey10 posted on the Pokemon GO subreddit that Niantic Labs have used the description of Gen 3 Pokemon in the latest Pokedex. Instead of using the Gen 2 Pokedex, developers used the next generation one. This made trainers believe that the Pokemon GO Gen 3 release might be coming soon.

The release of Shiny Magikarp and Shiny Gyarados during the Water Festival Event held in Pokemon GO could also indicate that Niantic Labs is rushing to update all the features of Gen 2. Trainers expect that developers will release other Shiny Pokemon once the event ends since they have already added a Shiny Pokemon tab in the current Pokedex.

It took Niantic Labs at least seven months before they released the Gen 2 update in Pokemon GO. With the pace the AR game is currently headed right now, there is a chance that they might reduce the time required for the Pokemon GO Gen 3 release into three months.

Considering that Niantic Labs released the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update in February, Gen 3 might launch in May or June 2017. However, they might add Legendary Pokemon first in the current generation before deciding to officially push out Gen 3.

Niantic Labs launched Pokemon GO Gen 2 through a suggestion made by some of the fans. Although developers can do the same with Azurill and Wynut, they might prompt to find another unique way of announcing Pokemon GO Gen 3.

Possible Pokemon GO Gen 3 Features

According to Bulbapedia, there are many features that Gen 3 introduced into the original Pokemon games. It has added personality values, Pokemon abilities, and natures. These would most likely change the rarity of the Pokemon currently existing in Pokemon GO.

Gen 3 also introduced the concept of double battles in Pokemon. Although there are no concepts yet on how Niantic Labs might include that in Pokemon GO, it will add more diversity into gym battles aside from the normal swipe and attack.

Of course, Gen 3 will also introduce more Pokemon only found in the Hoenn Region. It means new starter Pokemon, new Legendary Pokemon, and the introduction of Mythical Pokemon.

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