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Pokemon Go Guide: Best Gyms & Stops At Trump’s Inauguration 2017

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Pokemon Go Guide: Best Gyms & Stops At Trump’s Inauguration 2017

Looks like Donald Trump is here to stay. Going to the inauguration to support Trump? Or to protest? Kill the boredom while waiting with this comprehensive Pokemon Go guide to the best PokeStops and gyms near Trump’s inauguration venue.

14th Street And Independence Avenue

Head south-east of the Washington Monument. There is a Pokemon Gym and a PokeStop between 14th Street and Independence Avenue. It is near the many famous museums in the DC area. Still far? There are other areas featured in this Pokemon Go guide.

Jefferson Drive

“The Healer” on display this month at Hirshhorn Museum in DC

Trek at the Hirshhorn Museum where a PokeGym awaits on Jefferson Drive. It is so easy to visit the museum while waiting for the Inauguration or protest friends. Gamers can also skim through this Pokemon Go guide for more.

The United States Botanic Garden

When gamers go past the Capitol Reflecting Pool, the United States Botanic Garden can be seen past the pool. Gamers can enjoy the breathtaking view of lush greenery in the area. Next, there’s a PokeStop too where they can replenish the items they need for more serious Pokemon hunting.

The Washington Monument

Took this of the Washington Monument last spring break.

One of Washington DC’s most visited sights, it is actually a  highly famous Pokemon Gym. The Washington Monument is a prime gathering place for trainers, which is why it won’t hurt to lurk here while waiting for Trump’s Inauguratieron. A little too far for your liking? No worries – there’s more in this Pokemon Go guide.

The National Gallery Of Art Sculpture Garden

Chrome Tree at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

There’s a PokeStop that lurks when trainers head northeast straight to the Sculpture Garden of the National Gallery of Art. Players can also skate around the ice skating pond if they don’t feel like catching any Pokemon at the moment.

The National Gallery Of Art

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

A national treasure…and also a PokeStop. Feast on the pieces created by big name artists such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Picasso. Or just catch a Pikachu or two as you go.

Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum

Original ‘Star Trek’ USS Enterprise Fully Restored, Displayed in Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington 

The field trip in DC is not complete without visiting the Smithsonian. Head to the National Air and Space Museum where a prototype of the Star Trek Enterprise also lurks. They can also compete with other spectators at the PokeGym.

The United States Capitol

The United States Capitol before the dome was rebuilt to its current form and extensive expansions were built, Washington, D.C.,

Of course! The United States Capitol is a PokeStop, and a Gym! However, trainers might need identification so they can head to the Visitor Center.

Pokemon Go is now available on Android and iOS. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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