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[Watch] Pokemon GO Magikarp Shinies Captured In Water Festival Event

Pokemon GO Magikarp
Image source: @PokemonGONews Twitter Account

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[Watch] Pokemon GO Magikarp Shinies Captured In Water Festival Event

Pokemon GO’s latest update has revealed a new event called the Water Festival. This would entail a higher spawn rate of Water-type Pokemon. Upon the event’s release, players have now been reporting sightings of Pokemon GO Magikarp Shinies, with some even boasting having captured the aforementioned Shiny Pokemon. Such sightings have prompted a lot of chatter in the Pokemon GO community, especially since such an important detail had been left out of developer Niantic’s report on the update.

Pokemon GO Magikarp: What’s So Special About A ‘Shiny’?

What exactly is a ‘Shiny’ Pokemon? Shiny Pokemon is a rarer variation of a Pokemon specie. What differentiates a Shiny from its regular counterpart is its colors: Shinies sport a color variation different than the norm of its species.

Furthermore, spawn rates for Shinies are much lower than those of regular Pokemon, and thus, encountering a Shiny–like a Shiny Magikarp–is often considered to be a notable achievement. This would explain all the hype regarding sightings of a Shiny Magikarp at the Water Festival event.

By capturing a Shiny Magikarp, players will now have the opportunity to have a Shiny Gyarados in the party as well. That is, if they’re willing to put their time and effort into evolving their Shiny Magikarp. This is all subject to whether or not a player will even be able to encounter a Shiny Magikarp in the first place, though.

Is The Shiny Magikarp Legit?

According to dronpes, the moderator of the Pokemon GO sub-reddit, Silph Road, such recent sightings of a Shiny Magikarp are indeed legitimate. However, players must note that Shinies are still considered rare Pokemon, and as such, running into them in the wild could be easier said than done. Despite the Water Festival event raising the spawn rates of Water-type Pokemon, the odds of encountering a Shiny Magikarp remain low.

Thanks to a video uploaded to YouTube (courtesy of player Fabien Parent), footage of a Shiny Magikarp has been revealed as well. The Pokemon GO Magikarp Shiny is notably golden and sports sparkles, which is substantially different than its regular-colored counterpart. This further fuels the legitimacy of such reports regarding sightings of a Shiny Magikarp in Pokemon GO.

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