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Pokemon Go Hits 650M Downloads – Features, What To Look Out For

Pokemon Go
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Pokemon Go Hits 650M Downloads – Features, What To Look Out For

Pokemon Go is preparing for a comeback. The mobile game is seeing a spike in downloads after months of idle ratings. Niantic Labs’ latest game has been making waves since its introduction last July. Unfortunately, download ratings of Pokemon Go hit a toll just months after its release.

Pokemon Go bridges the gap between the handheld games and augmented reality (AR). Niantic Labs enjoyed the glory of being at the top of Google Play and the App Store and after hitting the 650 million mark in downloads, it’s important to know what the game has in store.

Pokemon Go: The Future After 650 Million

The report came courtesy of the Google Developer Day update during the 2017 Game Developers Conference. Fans can watch the entire event in the video below. Interestingly, 650 million downloads appear to be a bit lackluster when compared to the game’s statistics after a few months.

Polygon reported that the game had been downloaded more than 500 million times from July to September 2016. This means 650 million downloads by February 2017 implies a slower fan following. However, Niantic chief technology officer Phil Keslin said the Pokemon title will have fresher and more regular updates.

This coincides with February 27’s Pokemon Day, which marks the 21st Anniversary of the game series. Fans can stay tuned at the official Pokemon website to learn more about the event’s freebies and features across the franchise’s latest hits. Trainers and aficionados can get discounts and free viewings of popular movies, and catch Pikachu with special hats in the mobile game.

New Updates, What To Expect

The arrival at 650 million downloads means there is evidently more to come after the recent arrival of Generation 2 Pokemon. It can be remembered that a whole new slate of features are coming aside from the 80 creatures from Pokemon Gold and Silver. However, fans are still waiting for some features.

The game’s recent patch notes revealed that aside from the 80 Pokemon, the baby versions of some creatures were introduced as well. The monsters will also have genders, which is an essential feature for Pokemon breeding in the handheld games. Players also get bonus candy for each evolved Pokemon in their arsenal.

However, given that the handheld games have more than 700 creatures to capture, fans know it might take a while to add them all to the game. After all, it did take half a year of teasing to get the aforementioned Generation 2 Pokemon. Regardless, players believe it is about time other features entered the game.

Two of these are Player-versus-Player and Trading options. Players already have a version of this through Gyms. However, fans feel they should be able to challenge nearby players without dominating Gyms first. Trading would hopefully allow more trainers to interact with each other by trading their Pokemon as some of them are already exclusive to regions worldwide.

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