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Pokemon Go Legendaries Confirmed For End-2017: Here’s What To Watch Out For

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Pokemon Go Legendaries Confirmed For End-2017: Here’s What To Watch Out For

Pokemon Go fans may finally get their hands on Legendary monsters by the end of the year. Fans have been expecting the creatures’ arrival in the game since its launch. Here are some Pokemon that trainers have to look out for.

Niantic Labs has become the talk of the town after launching Pokemon Go last 2016. A lot of fans considered this a “fulfillment” of one of their dreams: to bring Pokemon in the real world. The game is primarily an augmented reality (AR) title, allowing players to use smartphones to “interact” with the creatures.

Unfortunately, a steep learning curve and absence of some features made people leave Pokemon Go. Interestingly, Niantic Labs appears to have big surprises for its fans. This time, the much-awaited Legendary Pokemon are finally coming to the game.

Pokemon Go: The Arrival of Legends

The news came from Niantic head honcho John Hanke himself. He told Wired that Legendary Pokemon has been a priority of the mobile game’s team for the year. This finally means players will see creatures like the famed Mew and Mewtwo arrive in the title.

Unfortunately, Hanke did not elaborate just which Legendary Pokemon will be added in the game. This adds a layer of mystery to fans as “Legendary” can pertain to all manner of special Pokemon. After all, Generation 2 Pokemon have just been introduced, meaning a lot of Legendary Pokemon may in fact be already in the game.

However, fans may remember that players tinkering with the game’s code have discovered some Legendary Pokemon already embedded in the title. This Reddit thread elaborates on some of them.

What to Catch?

Interestingly, this seems to corroborate the Wired article’s statements. It particularly called out five Legendary Pokemon: Mew, Mewtwo and the birds Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. The game has data of these creatures embedded – but not launched – in its code.

Mew is the most powerful Pokemon in existence. The cat-like Legendary Pokemon can learn any ability of any creature. Its clone, Mewtwo, is one of the most popular characters in the franchise. However, the game’s lore indicates that its psychic potential can match even that of Mew’s.

Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres are the “Legendary Birds.” They are the official Legendary Pokemon in the Kanto region for Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. The three started the “trend” where Pokemon generations have their own set of special monsters.

Pokemon Gold and Silver have their own set of Legendaries. In their case, it’s the Legendary cats Raikou, Entei and Suicune, the Legendary birds Ho-Oh and Lugia, and the time master Celebi. Unfortunately, Niantic Labs did not confirm the arrival of these creatures.

According to Polygon, fans can expect surprises from Niantic Labs about Legendary Pokemon soon. After all, the company did not fail to tease the arrival of new features mere hours or days before they go live. For instance, the game creators announced the appearance of Generation 2 Pokemon just before they spawned in the game.

Fans speculated that the “hidden” code refers to a special method to catch Legendary Pokemon. After all, the main games in the series needed special Pokeballs or events to catch these powerful monsters. However, only Niantic Labs can confirm the official launch date of these Legendaries.

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