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Pokemon GO Update Datamine: Shiny Pokedex Button, Redeemable Items, And More Features Leaked

Pokemon GO Update
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Pokemon GO Update Datamine: Shiny Pokedex Button, Redeemable Items, And More Features Leaked

Niantic Labs recently released the new Pokemon GO update version 0.59.1 for Android and version 1.29.1 for iOS. The only patch notes they released include a random Evolution item in the seventh-day spin of a PokeStop and minor text fixes. However, data miners discovered that developers had undocumented changes within the update.

According to The Silph Road, there are eight undocumented changes that the latest Pokemon GO update did not mention. The undocumented changes that they discovered include the following:

Sky Changes

One of the noticeable yet undocumented change in the latest Pokemon GO update include the sky. Instead of having the same old and lower resolution sky that the game used to have, Niantic Labs has improved it.

Both the day and night skies have been redesigned. The day sky might have sunsets or a moving sunset, but it has not yet been proven. Meanwhile, the night sky became lighter and a higher resolution and independent star layer was added.

Redeemable Passcodes

Niantic Labs included an unclear addition to the store, which might look like a way to redeem items. Developers might soon release codes that trainers can use to obtain in-game rewards. It is definitely an incomplete addition but they might add more to it in the future.

PokeStop Changes

Some PokeStops might go on cooldown or lockdown for some unknown reason. The Silph Road pointed that it might just be a way of the game implementing soft intelligent bans to players. It could also mean for another future update which has something to do with PokeStops.

Nickname Blackouts

Niantic Labs have received several nickname reports for obscene nicknames. In order to implement the bans, developers decided to use the shadowban system. It is a better way to prepare and handle for future inappropriate nicknames.

Throwing Grade

One unclear feature as trainers still have not yet felt its effect. “ThrowGraded” appeared in one of the game files which might relate to duration and label. Nothing is known yet with this new mechanic, but trainers might see it in future updates.

Shiny Pokedex Buttons

This is probably the most surprising feature that Niantic Labs have included in the latest update. Aside from the Gender Buttons, another variant button is included for Shiny Pokemon. It might mean that developers plan to release Shiny Pokemon soon.

Reporting & Monitoring System

Niantic Labs have included major additions to the crash reporting and monitoring system in the app. It seems that developers want to focus more on player reports in the future to prevent crashes from happening in Pokemon GO.

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