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Pokemon Go St. Patrick’s Event Surprise Updates Might Push Through

Pokemon Go St. Patrick's Event Surprise Updates
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Pokemon Go St. Patrick’s Event Surprise Updates Might Push Through

Pokemon Go Developer Niantic Labs always find a way to treat its fans with timely events. Since last year on its release, they have constantly held events in the game to commemorate the occasion.Tomorrow, March 17, 2017, they might hold Pokemon Go St. Patrick’s Event surprise updates.

Fans definitely expect Niantic Labs to hold Pokemon Go St. Patrick’s Event surprise updates. The developer had previously included Halloween, Christmas, and even Valentine’s Day on its events. It is just wrong if they would leave tomorrow’s event behind.

Although The BitBag reported that Pokemon Go St. Patrick’s Event surprise updates might not happen. The reason behind this is because it is not celebrated across the globe.

The site reported that what Niantic Labs might do is to hold an Easter Event instead on April 16, 2017. It is most likely because the developer can hatch up several ideas for an event which includes Easter Eggs.

Despite the different speculation as to tomorrow’s possible event, Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke teased with Fortune the upcoming updates for Pokemon Go. It is a surprised since Pokemon Go just recently had a major Generation 2 update a few weeks ago.

Possible Event Might Include Increased Spawn Rates

Developers previously celebrated the events in Pokemon Go by increasing the spawn rates of certain types of Pokemon or increasing the candy accumulation. Speculations show that they might do the same for tomorrow.

Since St. Patricks’ Day is green day, Niantic Labs might increase the spawn rate of green-colored Pokemon. In their previous Valentine’s Day event, developers increased the encounter rate of pink-colored Pokemon. Furthermore, aside from green-colored Pokemon, they might also include Grass-type Pokemon in that list.

Aside from the above-mentioned bonuses, developers might also introduce a new hat-wearing Pikachu. In previous events, Niantic Labs released a Pikachu wearing a Santa Hat and one with a Party Hat.

Pikachu Wearing a Leprechaun Hat

The first one during their Christmas Day Event while the latest one on Pokemon Day. A user over at the SilphRoad subreddit even posted an image of a Pikachu wearing a Leprechaun Hat.

Although fans are showing their excitement for the possible event, Niantic Labs have yet to make any official announcements. In previous events, they usually make them earlier than the actual event itself.

Developers still have several hours before the actual St. Patrick’s Day so maybe they have a surprise up their sleeves. They can still add small bonuses such as increased timers for incenses and lures or increased experience gain.

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