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Pokemon Go Summer 2017 Event: Surfing Pikachu, Alolan Raichu & More

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Pokemon Go Summer 2017 Event: Surfing Pikachu, Alolan Raichu & More

The Pokemon Go Summer 2017 Event has created quite a stir amongst fans and enthusiasts. Niantic is still undertaking the second phase of the special Go holiday event. Discussions have already commenced regarding the content of the summer event.

The Pokemon Go Summer 2017 event is at the heart of a debate for its contents. Suggestions include Alolan Raichu, Surfing Pikachu and even more. Sunglasses wearing Squirtle is one of the biggest such suggestions according to iTech Post.

Several online communities have been discussing the possibilities of Squirtle wearing sunglasses for the summer. This may be a distinct possibility for the Go Summer 2017 Event. Several trainers across the globe wish to see this turn into a reality.

Will Squirtle Sport Sunglasses?

This concept flows parallel to the Squirtle anime avatar where such eyewear has been sported in the past. The present holiday event already has a Santa hat sported by Pikachu. Several discussions have also emerged about a Surfing Pikachu. The holiday event already gives a chance to spot new Pokemon as per The Verge.

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Several trainers and fans have already suggested that Pikachu should certainly be surfing this summer. These suggestions are heavily inspired by the Nintendo 3DS game called Pokemon Yellow. In this game, a surfing Pikachu was witnessed for the very first time.

More Exciting Possibilities

Several fans have also expressed their interest in Alolan Raichu coming into the picture. All or at least some of these wishes may come true at the summer event. Niantic currently has several months to work on these suggestions and examine their viability.

No official information has been released yet with regard to the summer event for 2017. However, Niantic will certainly have a few surprises and aces up its sleeve. There may be a surfing Pikachu introduced as the face of this event.

There may even be Squirtle wearing sunglasses as per fans. Will this really come true? Let’s wait and watch!

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