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Pokemon Go Tips For Best Holiday Starter Infestation Event Experience

Pokemon Go Tips

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Pokemon Go Tips For Best Holiday Starter Infestation Event Experience

Here you will find some of the best Pokemon Go tips for the best Holiday Starter Infestation Event. A part of the event has already concluded but the best is yet to come as per reports. This will see the inclusion of a limited time offering from Niantic.

There are several Pokemon Go tips to help you make the most of the holiday event. People who play regularly are easily able to snare starter Pokemon. The event will be concluding on the 8th of January as per reports.

According to Forbes, one of the best Pokemon Go tips in this regard is to refrain from evolving starters till the 8th. You should wait until the event concludes. Furthermore, you should wait to evolve second and third stage evolutions until you have 125 candies in your lap.

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Some More Tips

You should always make use of the appraisal system to find out the status of your Pokemon. Even if your Pokemon possesses high CP, this does not equate to being good. However, a Pokemon with higher IV will possess higher maximum CP upon upgrade.

You should also refrain from catching final and middle starter evolutions. As tempting as it may be, you should hold off. Firstly, you can tap into a lucky egg if you do not have the final or middle tier evolution. This comes in handy while evolving the 125 candy starter.

What Else to Know

You will stand to gain 1,000 XP for every evolution in tandem with 1,000 XP as a bonus. Middle and final tier starter evolutions are huge item sinks. Always save your ultra and great balls for starters.

You should always remember that Ultra Balls are deserved by starters. Great Balls also come in handy if you do not have Ultra Balls. You can also get starter candy faster through car hunting as per Forbes. Have another person drive while you catch starters as a passenger. Pull over once you see where the starters are.

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