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Pokemon Go Tips: What To Do When Game Freezes At Launch

Pokemon Go Tips
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Pokemon Go Tips: What To Do When Game Freezes At Launch

Happy to start capturing Gen 2 Pokémon but during the pursuit, Pokemon Go freezes? This happens to a lot of players so far. Here are some Pokemon Go tips to avoid the app freeze.

There had been a lot of complaints lately following the games recent patch. The version 1.21.0 for iPhone, and 0.51.0 for Android impacted Pokemon Go’s launch screen. First, the launcher shows Pikachu setting up the Christmas lights. Meanwhile, the loading screen starts to freeze or just eliminate the graphics.

Pokemon Go Tips For Loading Screen Error

Force quitting the app does the trick sometimes. Immediately tap the home button on iPhone and then swipe up to force quit the game. Meanwhile, go to Settings, apps, running and then select Force Quit on Pokemon Go.

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In addition, Reddit user N4Y4R shared an effective solution to the problem. The fix can be seen below:

  • Disable the GPS on the phone before starting Pokemon Go for Android. For iPhone, tap settings, privacy, and then location services. The GPS can be turned off by choosing turn location off on the phone.
  • Open the app and wait for the launcher to finish
  • Once done, turn on the GPS feature again
  • Go back to Pokemon Go

Many users stated that the trick was effective. However, it seems that the hack doesn’t work on all types of phones. Users shared that LG G4, LG V10 and HTC One M9 doesn’t respond to the trick posted on Reddit.

Secondly, clearing cache also does the trick for Android. Just go to settings, applications or application manager and then all apps. In all apps, select Pokemon Go and then storage. Select clean data or clean cache to refresh cache.

If all else fails, downgrading the app might be the only solution. For iPhone, just choose the backup restore point. Meanwhile, look for the Android application package (APK) for the previous update and then follow the instructions highlighted by Tech Advisor on how to downgrade.

These Pokemon Go tips should do the trick while waiting for Niantic’s next update. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic for the latest on video games, tech and more.

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