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Pokemon Go Update: 60-Year-Old Fatally Shot While Playing Game

Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go Update: 60-Year-Old Fatally Shot While Playing Game

An unidentified security guard in Chesapeake, Virginia reportedly shot and killed 60-year-old Jiansheng Chen. He was playing Pokemon GO inside a parked van.

Shot While Playing Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has been the center of a number of outlandish stories. These include unsuspecting players crossing upon dead bodies, and even a pair of inattentive gamers falling off a cliff while playing the popular Pokemon mobile game. These headlines became less common as the game‘s player base dropped. However, since there are still millions of trainers hunting creatures, the game is not completely free of accidental real-world incidents.

Chen’s Tragic Demise

An unknown security guard shot and killed 60-year old Jiansheng Chen in Chesapeake, Virginia. Chen had been playing the mobile game when the tragic event happened. This is according to local Chesapeake news station WTKR, which cited Chen’s attorney, Greg Sandler. As explained by Sandler, Chen played the game to bond with his grandchildren. He was parked near the Pokemon Gym club house in Chesapeake’s River Walk in the neighborhood.

A language barrier is suspected of having escalated the incident as Chen only spoke a few words of English. This may have resulted in the shooting of the front of Chen’s vehicle five times, which killed him on the spot.

The River Walk Community Association said that his family is a homeowner in the area. It was not clear why the security guard was armed and why he felt the need to shoot the player. However, the details should be revealed as soon as the local Chesapeake police move forward with their investigation.

Chen’s death will serve as yet another spot on the reputation of the game. Even though the game can hardly be blamed for what happened in Chesapeake, it has been blamed for numerous car accidents. Even more, irresponsible players attempt to play the mobile game while driving. These players accessing the Pokemon mobile game while driving have caused severe accidents and even the death of one person.

Deadly Incidents Connected To Pokemon’s Mobile Game

GO may have the highest body count associated with a game. But, these deadly incidents aren’t what have turned players away from the mobile game. Niantic slowly dragging its feet about adding requested features like Pokemon trading may be to blame for its dwindling popularity. Hopefully, Niantic will create an update compelling enough to trigger another boom for the game.

Pokemon GO is now available for Android and iOS mobile devices. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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