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Pokemon Go Update: Background Music Supported On Android

Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go Update: Background Music Supported On Android

Pokemon GO‘s latest patch might not seem too exciting at first glance. Many users found a new update that was never mentioned by Niantic in the patch notes.

Pokemon GO Update

Players are reporting that the latest version no longer interrupts any music played before the game starts. Furthermore, it effectively allows them to listen to their choice of music.

In the past, the game would pause any media being played before it started. Even more, it forced users to endure Pokemon GO‘s official sounds on loop, consequently looping the music in their head as well. Turning the volume down while hunting Pokemon in complete silence was seen to be a better option.

On the other hand, players on the iOS got to enjoy this new feature earlier. What is surprising is that the update didn’t make some Android users too happy.

It was reported that the problem didn’t originate with Niantic. The bug that caused the whole issue originated in the Unity 3D game engine. It previously worked on the premise that the app’s soundtrack will be the only thing players would like to listen to while catching Pokemon. The developer, Unity Technologies, released a fix for this a few weeks ago. However, Niantic took some time before adding it into the app.

Before strolling in the local park to the sound of your favorite beats, be warned that the latest update might hide a risk for your ears. Though GO allows players listen to their preferred music while playing, take heed to a word of caution: it lowers the volume down quite evidently.

If players happen to amplify the sound too much in order to compensate and then close the app, the volume will go to normal levels again. This could possibly cause damage to the eardrums.

Datamined Features

GO version 0.55.0 includes a fix for other Pokemon Plus problems. The update left Android players unable to use their Pokemon Plus device.

Moreover, the patch fixes Android loading issues, especially those that left the game stuck at the loading screen.

Patch notes:

  • Reduced the starting load time on Android devices.
  • Resolved Android connectivity issues for the Plus accessory.
  • Integrated iOS wheelchair support for use with Apple Watch.
  • Minor text fixes.

Fans are treated to more Gen 2 teasers as part of the iOS and Android update. The newest update features the usual fixes, and the code in the patch is the most interesting to the fans.

Experts have been hard at work in unraveling secrets from version 0.55.0 for Android, its iOS equivalent being the 1.25.0 version. The Silph Road points out that there’s a new badge for Gen 2 Pokemon Unown. There’s also a new Candy Award item, which could be related to Buddy achievements.

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