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Pokemon Go Update For December 19: Here’s What’s New

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Pokemon Go Update For December 19: Here’s What’s New

There was a new Pokemon Go update released last December 19, so here’s a rundown of what to expect in Niantic’s newest patch for Android and IOS.

What’s New In The Game

The release notes indicated that the update fixed some minor bugs and features in Pokemon Go. One of the fixes included is tweaking the vibration notifications that prompts incorrectly. Furthermore, the developers also corrected the day and night modes, following the trainers time and date.

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The update also specified that some minor text errors were fixed in the game. Unfortunately, it seems that Niantic did not include new Pokémon in the new patch. Fans may have to wait for the next version to see if there will be interesting additions to the game in the future.

Trainers can head to the Google Play Store to catch version 0.51.0 of the update. Meanwhile, version 1.21.0 can be downloaded in Itunes for IOS.

Christmas Event And Release of Gen 2 Pokémon

Not happy with the update? Fret not, because Niantic has other promos for all dedicated trainers. In case trainers are not quite successful in hatching Generation 2 Pokémon, the Christmas event can still give them good cheer during the holidays.

Niantic takes advantage of the holidays by launching exciting events, such as the Thanksgiving and Halloween promo. In addition to the developer’s string of holiday happenings, players can receive double experience points (XP) this Christmas. They can win the points by defeating, catching or evolving Pokémon in the game.

Take advantage of the Christmas event by popping the Nearby tracker, which revolutionized the way players find Pokémon. The Silph Road‘s global atlas is a good guide alongside the Nearby tracker.

Niantic’s Record Breaking Statistics

The game continues to break mobile app records and hits. Recently, Niantic revealed that players have acquired 88 billion Pokémon collectively, which is a whopping total of 533 million in one day.

According to statistics, trainers have trekked the earth 200,000 times in search of Pikachu and the gang. A Guinness-worthy feat that multiples every single day.

Pokemon Go can still be downloaded in Android and IOS. Stay tuned to VGR for walkthroughs and updates regarding video games and more.

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