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Pokemon Go Update: Game Still Coming To Apple Watch Despite Cancellation Rumors

Pokemon Go Update
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Pokemon Go Update: Game Still Coming To Apple Watch Despite Cancellation Rumors

In the latest Pokemon Go Update, the game has been confirmed to be released for the Apple Watch. The rumors started out when a website had posted a false report claiming that Pokemon Go won’t be released for the Apple Watch anymore. The false information then started to spread like wildfire, so Niantic quickly dismissed the false claims and shot down the rumors by posting an official announcement on twitter.

Pokemon Go Update on the Apple Watch release

Pokémon Go for Apple Watch is coming soon. Stay tuned.” was tweeted in the official twitter of Pokemon Go.

While those enthusiastic about Pokemon Go could rest assured that the game would be ported in the said platform, Niantic themselves had released only scarce information so far on what to expect in the Apple Watch version of the game.

The Apple Watch version of Pokemon Go is expected to be similar function-wise to the Pokemon Go Plus wristband. Players would also be able to collect items on the Apple Watch from PokeStops. This removes the need to carry around an iPhone.

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Pokemon Go Apple Watch estimated release date

Pokemon Go for the Apple Watch was first announced during September, and had been pretty quite ever since, which also lead to the rumors.

Niantic had announced back then that the Apple Watch version is expected to launch before the year ends. No further updates have been heard from the company regarding a new release date. Since the year is coming to an end, the new release date would most likely be early to mid 2017. However it’s best to wait for official announcements first than rely on speculations to prevent generating more rumors.

The official announcements could also be confirmed at the Apple Insider and Cinema Blend websites.

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