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Pokemon Go Update & Guide To New Events & Gifts For December 2016

Pokemon Go Update

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Pokemon Go Update & Guide To New Events & Gifts For December 2016

The big announcement for an all-new Pokemon Go update, event guides, gifts, and bonus prices for December 2016 is at hand. Fans go crazy over the latest updates.

The Big-Time Real Time Updates:

The best time for the latest mobile game hit Pokemon Go to go big should be now in December wherein a whole row of holidays are coming. The game’s designer, Niantic Labs, announced today that it will be adding more character details into the picture, probably putting up a list of 100 more new creatures.

Half of these update details can be traced from the Generation 2 environment. So far, the most vivid character update yet is the content addition of a Pokemon with the Ditto configuration.

Even with the December updates, Pokemon Go fans have already had a solid hold on the game as it has been adding features, characters and gifts since its first launching in July. Niantic Labs made sure of this so that the monster-catching saga is lived up to its name. Thus, came in the Pokemon Go update.

As of the moment, there isn’t any specific indication of legendary monsters to reckon with yet. What the fans are very certain of is the massive entry of Gen 2 Pokemon characters, all from colors Yellow, Red and Blue.

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Guide To New Events And Gifts for December:

Simultaneous with Niantic Labs’ announcing are quite a number of rumored leaks on customization surfacing from the internet today. Sources speak of various costumes set aside for customization purposes as part of the Pokemon Go update.

A probable customization for the Christmas season is Pikachu’s cute Santa hat pose. In addition to that- we have the newly-added “beaming” Pokemon character and an extended access for avatar customization through various-added buttons.

Other big events fans are likely to anticipate in December 2016 include Niantic’s proclaimed partnership plans with Starbucks, its endorsed player-vs.-player trading platform with extra-high battle gifts, and its planned doubling of XP amount per creature captured.

Imagine Starbucks becoming a gym and staying there with a load of hot coffee on hand, nonchalantly capturing Pokemon monsters? Well, that’s just a few of the best gifts the Pokemon Go update has in store for you this Christmas.

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