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Pokemon Go Update: Here’s A Nifty Trick For Pikachu’s Santa Hat

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Pokemon Go Update: Here’s A Nifty Trick For Pikachu’s Santa Hat

Did you honestly think that Pikachu’s Santa Pokemon Go costume was merely a get-up? Come on-let’s be honest about it. Well for those who thought ‘Santachu’ was all for show, get ready to be surprised.

The Big Blow:

Trainers are going mad today as a Reddit account user finally reveals the most-awaited Christmas winter update with Pikachu’s Santa Hat. This get-up had had claimed curious looks from several players and trainers by the beginning of December. Others thought that there must be an Easter Egg hidden beneath it, while others snubbed it as a mere glitch escaping Niantic’s eye.

By all means, Pikachu’s Santa Hat has made its fair rounds on various rumor sources in the internet. In fact, it had served as the subject of game-play discussions in many domains in the web. One way or another, it triggered investigations from the player/trainer communities.

Alas, a Reddit user called FrankieTAE was first to call “eureka” regarding the nifty tricks hidden beneath the hat.

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Here’s How To Do Pokemon Go Santachu Trick:

  1. Players must turn the Battery Saver “on” in order to activate the trick.
  2. Looking at the inventory selection in the Pokemon Go tools, the player must tick Santachu.
  3. After having selected Santachu, the player must turn the cellphone upside down.
  4. The player must maintain this position and wait for many seconds.
  5. Having done this such that the phone’s screen turned black, the player must turn the cellphone back “on”.


The aforementioned steps will result to a very cute spinning of the Hat and a short dance move by Pikachu.

Is This Applicable To All Smartphones:

While such trick is doable in many new Smartphones, it does not apply to the ones with older Android versions.

More Definitely Coming Up:

More features are definitely coming up. The hat’s rattles signal bigger anticipations by the later part of the holidays. More so, Niantic’s very generous nature has spoken so much about its reputation- it is very fond of giving Easter Eggs for Pokemon Go fans.

With all these updates, fans could only wait for more to come.

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