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Pokemon Go Update Hints At More Gen 2 Pokemon

Pokemon Go
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Pokemon Go Update Hints At More Gen 2 Pokemon

Pokemon Go appears to be regaining its ground in the mobile gaming scene. A swath of new updates, and this time a leak, hints toward Gen 2 (Generation 2) Pokemon. A recent datamine may indicate their impending full arrival in the game.

Fans of Pokemon Go will understand that Niantic Labs has been in a bit of a pickle for the past months. They were not able to regain the full momentum of the game’s popularity since its release. However, new features appear to be attracting players back in the game.

This time, a Pokemon Go datamine along with a new update have piqued the interest of players. Yet another datamined batch of code hints towards the full arrival of Gen 2 Pokemon. Is this the time to meet Chikorita and company?

Pokemon Go: Gen 2 Incoming?

The news arrived courtesy of fans from Silph Road. According to their page, the recent v.053 build of the game has code pertaining to some Gen 2 monsters that may appear sooner or later. The data itself appears to be credible, considering Silph Road’s reputation of uncovering data on future features months before their patches arrive.

Other parts of the datamine hinted towards evolutionary items as well. While they are not in the game, their presence in the code indicates their arrival soon. The five items are King’s Rock, Upgrade, Sun Stone, Metal Coat and Dragon Scale. These were all initially introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver, the game that included Gen 2 Pokemon.

This means Pokemon such as Bellossom, Kingdra, Steelix, Slowking and Porygon2 may be arriving in the game. Interestingly, they are not fully “different” Generation 2 Pokemon, but are those related to their Gen 1 (Generation 1) counterparts. These are all future evolutions of their predecessors. This is in contrast to the “baby Pokemon” such as Pichu that arrived in the previous update.

More Updates, More Features

According to Game Rant, another Pokemon hinted in the code is Unown. This is the alphabet-based Pokemon that comes in 26 shapes, each based on the alphabet. The code suggests that all 26 versions should exist in the mobile game. That’s instantly 26 new Pokemon to catch.

The recent update of the game introduced a ton of new features and improvements on bugs. This is a good move on part of developers, considering some fans may have left the game for lack of support in the first few months. Regardless, introducing Gen 2 and future generations can skyrocket the game back to popularity.

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