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Pokemon Go Update May Have Multiplayer Gyms – Here’s Why

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Pokemon Go Update May Have Multiplayer Gyms – Here’s Why

Pokemon Go launched its gaming platform with a bang. The initial days were stellar; it was a massive global trend that penetrated multiple generations. However, the international craze tapered off after gamers realized there was a lot lacking in terms of gameplay.

The excitement was eventually overshadowed by its multiple shortcomings. One of the biggest criticisms to Pokemon Go was the dynamism of its gyms. It was instantly clear that the gym system left a lot to be desired. The gyms are a core element of the game but current mechanics offer no motivation or incentives to attack.

Pokemon Go Gym Updates Coming

According to Polygon, senior product manager Tatsuo Nomura claimed that changes are coming to this feature. “The gym portion [of Pokémon Go] needs a lot more work, and we are trying to improve it and make a bigger change to how the system works,” he said during Game Developers Conference 2017.

He continued to say that Niantic needs “a little bit more time” to plan and execute things. The site adds a modified gym system could go a long way in getting back dormant players who feel they’ve done all there is to do with Go.

Defending Pokemon’s Gym System

While Niantic has admitted the game’s shortcomings, they explained that Go is different from other role-playing games gamers are used to. As an MMO, Pokemon doesn’t focus on non-playable characters – “we expect people to play with other people.”

Niantic CEO John Hanke has echoed what Nomura has explained and promised that changes are indeed on the way. “There is very limited gameplay in the gyms,” quoted Wired’s German outlet.

Acknowledging that the game doesn’t work as well as they (and audiences) hoped, “We will revise this aspect of the game, so that there’s more teamwork and people participating have more incentives and rewards.” There is currently no exact update release date or details as to what it will contain.

Pokemon Go: Updates & News

This year, players can expect three major updates. One of the updates, per GameRant, will be Pokemon Trading. Other tweaks include small issues that have to do with usability.

Niantic currently has a lot on its plate. However, if the company is able to balance new updates with what the players are clamoring for, it’s possible we could see one of gaming’s biggest comebacks.

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