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Pokemon GO Update: New Android And iOS Patch Guarantees Evolution Item Reward

Pokemon GO Update
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Pokemon GO Update: New Android And iOS Patch Guarantees Evolution Item Reward

Niantic Labs have released a new Pokemon GO update, but it seems to be server-sided only. It means that trainers do not have to close their app and wait for it to download, meaning they can play the game while downloading the update. The update only contains two changes, the major one includes the addition of evolution items in the seven-day PokeStop rewards and the other, minor text fixes.

Prior to the Pokemon GO update, Reddit user BirdsAreImportant noticed something different after he received his seven-day PokeStop streak. Despite not updating the game, he received an evolution item called the Upgrade. Unknown to most trainers though is that developers released the update on the server side. 

Trainers can use the Upgrade in order to evolve Porygon, one of the original 151 Pokemon, into Porygon 2. Aside from the required evolution item, they also need to have the sufficient amount of candy to proceed with the evolution. This Pokemon GO update also included other evolution items for specific Pokemon.

One data miner on Reddit discovered last month the list of evolution items that Niantic Labs plan on including to Pokemon GO. However, it did not include the original evolution items, the Water Stone, Fire Stone, Thunder Stone, and Moon Stone.

Dragon Scale

In the addition to the Gen 2 creatures in Pokemon GO, several Pokemon gained additional evolution. One of the said Pokemon includes Seadra which can evolve further into Kingdra with the Dragon Scale.

In the original Pokemon games, players must trade over Seadra holding the Dragon Scale to another before it can evolve. However, Niantic Labs have not yet included Pokemon Trading in Pokemon GO nor the ability for Pokemon to hold items. Seadra can evolve into Kingdra if players have the Dragon Scale and 100 Pokemon Candy.

King’s Rock

The second generation of Pokemon also introduced an alternate path of evolution similar to Eevee’s. Poliwhirl can now evolve into Politoed instead of the usual Poliwrath and Slowpoke into Slowking instead of Slowbro. Trainers can do this provided that they have the King’s Rock and 100 and 50 Pokemon Candies for Poliwhirl and Slowpoke, respectively.

Sun Stone

Trainers can use the Sun Stone to evolve two grass type Pokemon, Sunkern and Gloom, into Sunflora and Bellossom. They can do so provided that they meet the required amount of candies, 50 for Sunkern and 100 for Gloom. Sunkern, Sunflora, and Bellosom, an alternative evolution path for Gloom aside from Vileplume, are Pokemon introduced in Gen 2.

Metal Coat

Gen 2 also introduced more Steel-type Pokemon and evolution into the game. Onix and Scyther can now evolve into Steelix and Scizor with the Metal Coat provided that they both have 50 Pokemon Candies. The announcement made by Niantic Labs did not mention any other updates except for evolution items.

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