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Pokemon Go Update: New Device Aims For Safer Gameplay – How It Works

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Pokemon Go Update: New Device Aims For Safer Gameplay – How It Works

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile games globally. In recent developments, the Pokemon Company may be considering a new device. This will ensure safer experiences for players.

A new Pokemon Go device seems to be on the cards. The CEO of the Pokemon Company, Tsunakazu Ishihara confirms this in an interview. He talks of how several safety concerns with the game are being addressed.

He also reveals that a new Pokemon Go device is being worked upon. This is a partnership with Nintendo to ensure safer gaming, according to Silicon Era. Ishihara talks of avoiding “the danger” with strategic steps.

What Ishihara Also Says 

He talks of how the smartphone-based wearable “Pokemon Go Plus” is available. This means that players do not always have to look at their smartphone displays. He also confirms that there are plans for a new device as part of a collaboration with Nintendo.

This will ensure that the game is “played more safely.” However, there is no official announcement by either of the companies yet. There is no guarantee that such a device may eventually see the light of day.

However, if it does become a reality, fans should certainly rejoice! The game is still in its early planning stages as per sources. It is currently available for all Android and iOS devices.

Game Rant reports that the game takes players into new and uncharted locations. A whopping 144 billion steps are estimated to have been taken by players globally. However, several players have faced danger in the past.

This is the reason for a new device as enumerated by Ishihara. Several incidents have taken place where safety concerns have become paramount. Ishihara states that the basic mission is to “make a game for people to play outdoors, instead of at home.”

Safety Issues & Measures

He also talks of how the “potential that players could become too involved” was already present at “an early stage”. A new device is the best way to counter these risks. The game has been criticized across several quarters for these safety issues surrounding it.

This device will follow the Pokemon Go Plus which is already available following its launch in 2016. The Plus may also get an upgrade in the form of a whole new device. Nintendo and The Pokemon Company may also wish to fix several pressing issues.

These include Android-based issues and overall distribution. The limited number of devices is creating chaos in terms of reaching out to the fan base. However, upgraded GPS tracking and a possible new device promises to make future journeys safer and more enjoyable.

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