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Pokemon Go Update: New Hatch Rates Revealed For Pikachu, Tauros & More

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Pokemon Go Update: New Hatch Rates Revealed For Pikachu, Tauros & More

The latest Pokemon Go update reveals that seven baby Pokemon are now available. Players are also confident of this fact. This is because evolved Pokemon do not hatch from the eggs at present. New hatch rates are on the anvil for Tauros, Pikachu and others.

This Pokemon Go update states that the generation 2 update has been rolled out, minus the Pokemon Mewtwo. Pikachu, Tauros, Mr. Mime and Jigglypuff do not hatch from eggs anymore. Several researchers were looking at a hatch rate test. This is when reports of changes came about.

They tested the eggs for acquiring evolved versions of the Pokemon. This is when they noticed that Pokemon Go does not enable direct hatching from eggs. The developers are known to change Pokemon quite frequently. This is the same thing happening in these baby forms.

What Else Should You Know?

iTech Post reports that the brand new egg hatch rates will also be known soon. The game’s developers already have a reputation for changing hatch rates regularly. The original commercial for the game had a battle between Mewtwo and trainers.

The release in July 2016 would have also included Pokemon trading and direct battles between players. These were also showcased in the previous commercial. However, Mewtwo will not arrive now.

This will be a grand event as the developers may have planned. Mewtwo may be the last legendary Pokemon to enter the game. Niantic is also reportedly working on Pokemon trading.

Niantic & Its Tie-Ups 

As per Tech Crunch, Niantic has already tied up with U.S. Sprint for 10,500 new Poke Stops. These are also now applicable in 7,800 new Starbucks locations. Togepi and Pichu baby Pokemon have also been hatching worldwide.

There were several earlier rumors of new Pokemon to be integrated into the game. Several data miners had earlier unearthed the same through the latest update. All in all, Pokemon Go players seem to be in for several surprises.

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