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Pokemon Go Update On Mewtwo Event, Legendary Pokemon & More

Pokemon Go
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Pokemon Go Update On Mewtwo Event, Legendary Pokemon & More

Pokemon Go will be holding an event which will launch Mewtwo, Legendary Pokemon, Gen 2 Pokemon and more. So much is still in store this 2017 for the game which made a huge impact on people’s lives starting last 2016. Niantic Labs planned this event based on the liking of the players themselves which they were able to get through surveys.

What Pokemon Go Fans Liked The Most

Niantic Labs found out through a survey that Pokemon Go players want to see once more the game’s Holiday Event Part 2 and the Thanksgiving Event as well. These events involved major announcements and updates. With this particular basis, Niantic Labs has lined up some more events for the Pokemon fanatics.


Mew and Mewtwo

Mewtwo and Mew are the strongest and hardest Pokemon to catch and beat in Pokemon Go. Mew may be easier to catch and beat than its evolved counterpart, Mewtwo. Now, Niantic Labs is set to release them in the real world and augmented reality for trainers to capture in gym battles. Players may be notified through their smartphones that they may need to assemble at an area to capture Mewtwo. So, this will involve a mass capture.

Legendary Pokemon

The three Legendary bird Pokemon – Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos – may now be incororated in three different teams. There may be a long quest that a player should accomplish to capture these Legendary Pokemon. This may involve capturing 30 fire type Pokemon, finding and hatching 30km eggs and of course, fighting the Pokemon in order for them to be captured.

Pokemon GoPia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/TheDavidvTV account

Gen 2 Pokemon

Niantic Labs’ release of the Gen 2 Pokemon would mean a whole new world for players. This new set would mean that they can have their own events. This may even be the start of a future possibility for Gen 3 Pokemon.

Region Unlocking

Nintendo may soon remove the Region Unlocking feature in the game because this is what they did with Nintendo Switch. Therefore, region-locked Pokemon can spawn anywhere in the world map. For instance, Mr. Mime, which players can only locate in Western Europe, can already spawn anywhere. This will tend to increase the diversity of the Pokemon in different places.

Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon will also be an inexpensive addition to the game. One of the differences between a Shiny Pokemon and an ordinary Pokemon lies in their coloration. Niantic Labs may even present a short animatronics clip on how they will do this.

These changes will highly affect the experience of the Pokemon community. These, if implemented and done, will take the fans to new heights. Their expectations for the game will be surely met.

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