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Pokemon Go Update On Next Nest Migration: Schedule & Spawn Changes

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Pokemon Go Update On Next Nest Migration: Schedule & Spawn Changes

Another massive Pokemon Go nest migration is about to take place. Here is a rundown of everything you need to know about the event.

How To Find The Nest

A nest is a spot in Go where a big number of the same type of species can be found. For instance, a Ponyta nest can spawn six or more of the same species. Furthermore, the nest spawns a different creature every few weeks, increasing the chances of catching another type when it updates.

This is the tenth migration in Go. The migrations happen once a month in the past. However, there are more migrations occurring since October. Here is the historical schedule of all migrations:

  • Ninth: December 15th
  • Eighth: December 1st
  • Seventh: November 17th
  • Sixth: November 3rd
  • Fifth: October 20th
  • Fourth: October 6th
  • Third: September 26th
  • Second: August 23rd
  • First: July 29th

Since October, there had been migrations happening every two weeks. Looking at the data, December 29th is the perfect time to schedule another event. The migrations usually happen at 00:00:00 UTC.

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Nest Migration Tips

Meanwhile, it won’t hurt to check the nests in the area before the changes tomorrow. There is a possibility that the nests may spawn a different specie, or it may vanish completely. Before the migration, it is best to check and see what’s available.

However, the only way to know if the nest has evolved is to physically take a look. While a Clefairy nest might change into a Bulbasaur nest, another might become a Snorlax nest. The possibilities are endless. In the meantime, it is certain that the event will happen on Tuesday, December 29.

Niantic lined up a lot of events for Pokemon Go during the holidays. Following the nest migration is the lure extension update happening on December 30. The usual 30-minute lure will be converted to 60 minutes, giving the trainers more time to get more Pokémon in that area. Furthermore, the event will happen until January 8.

Simultaneously, it is best to take advantage of hatching generation two Pokémon as much as possible. The event also allows trainers to get a free incubator everyday until January 3.

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