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Pokemon Go Update: PvP, Trading & Live Events Confirmed

Pokemon Go
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Pokemon Go Update: PvP, Trading & Live Events Confirmed

Niantic is pumping things up. Pokemon Go may be getting new features soon and it’s what everyone has been waiting for.

Talks of Pokemon Go getting player versus player battles, Pokemon trading and live events are going around. Niantic CEO John Hanke tackled these subjects in an interview and he said that these features are “going to be done soon.”

So why were they delayed in the first place? Apparently, the reason why Pokemon Go hasn’t updated with these features is because of server problems. However, it seems like Niantic has fixed this issue as these features are on the way.

The mobile game has Niantic Labs generating an estimated $ 1 billion and the hype continues. Currently, the game has a Valentine’s event going on. The PvP, trading and live features could come next.

Hanke’s Statement

According to Hanke, as millions started playing the game, their servers struggled. But even though they were met with such problems, Niantic still decided to launch the game during the summer of 2016. Up to this day, Niantic is still working on the important features of the app.

These features include Pokemon trading and player versus player battles. Hanke said that they’re on the way. He added that if they didn’t have any problems with the servers earlier on, one of these features would’ve been released as well.

Live events are also something to look forward to. Hanke said that live events are complicated to do at the scale that the game is in. But it is something they’re trying to work on and solve in 2017.

Hanke added that they’re happy making users happy. So Pokemon trainers, watch out for the new updates rolling on soon.

2nd Generation Pokemon Coming Next?

The game has recently revealed some of the 2nd generation Pokemon in the game. But there’s still more that Niantic hasn’t released.

Though Hanke hasn’t mentioned anything about 2nd generation Pokemon, fans of the game have been waiting long for them that it’s high time Niantic dealt with this as well. Many Pokemon trainers in the game have already collected most, if not all, Pokemon. It’s time that the game moves on to the next generation.

Aside from 2nd generation Pokemon, the interest for legendary Pokemon is also big. Many are still clamoring for a Mew and Mewtwo and hope that Niantic could release their plans regarding these two Pokemon.

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