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Pokemon Go Update: Spawn Changes In Next Migration

Pokemon Go Update
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/FsuAtl account

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Pokemon Go Update: Spawn Changes In Next Migration

Now that Pokemon have migrated, the newest Pokemon Go update introduced spawn changes throughout the game.

How Spawning Works

If you are still unfamiliar with Pokemon Go, spawn points or nests are locations where Pokemon will usually appear at least once an hour.  These are located in the real world. Pokemon of the same species will spawn in a particular nest.

But Pokemon spawned from these places change every few weeks. The place may give better Pokemon catches than before, or sometimes even worse. Niantic Labs may also tweak the nests so that no Pokemon may appear in that area.

Pokemon Go largely places wild Pokemon in their logical habitats. For instance, Water type Pokemon such as Squirtle and Gyarados would be found near bodies of water.

Pokemon Go Update

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/FsuAtl account

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Pokemon Migration

The Pokemon Go update on migration occurs on a two-week period. The previous migration happened last December 15. The Pokemon have just done their 10th migration last Thursday, December 29.

You may choose to check the nests of the Pokemon without even physically visiting the spawn area. You may check changes with The Silph Road. The Silph Road is an in-person network of enthusiasts which shows a world map. This offers geolocated centers where you will be able to learn about local spawning nests.

On this website, you will be able to see when a nest was submitted so that you can know if it is updated and if there are Pokemon there. For instance, if it was submitted before December 29, the place may not be a spawning area for Pokemon anymore. Otherwise, it may still be a good nest for capturing Pokemon.

What Has Been Changed

This Pokemon Go update on the great migration has definitely shaken the spawning nests all over the real world. Spawning now can be a great challenge to fans of the game and will surely bring in a new sense of excitement. The following are the changes on the nests which fans in subreddit have been experiencing.  Good luck on your new quest on finding Pokemon!

  • Abra > Bulbasaur
  • Abra > Charmander
  • Bulbasaur > Pidgey
  • Charmander > Kabuto
  • Diglet > Ghastly
  • Diglett > Jynx
  • Diglett > Mankey
  • Doduo > Rhyhorn
  • Ekans > Jigglypuff
  • Exeggcute > Squirtle
  • Geodude > Caterpie
  • Goldeen > Bulbasaur
  • Goldeen > Doduo
  • Jigglypuff > Clefairy
  • Krabby > Charmander
  • Machop > Abra
  • Omanyte >Meowth
  • Paras > Diglet
  • Paras >Eevee
  • Psyduck > Paras
  • Sandshrew > Squirtle
  • Seel > Drowzee
  • Shellder > Bulbasaur
  • Shellder > Seel
  • Tentacool > Vulpix
  • Voltorb >Magnemite
  • Weedle > Squirtle

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