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Pokemon Go Update: Starbucks Event May Reveal New Pokemon

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Pokemon Go Update: Starbucks Event May Reveal New Pokemon

The latest Pokemon Go update talks of how new Pokemon may be revealed at an upcoming Starbucks event. Rumors are circulating about this event for a few weeks now. A Reddit user who claims to be a Starbucks employee, posted a memo about this event.

The latest Pokemon Go update refers to how this internal memo contained information on an event themed around Pokemon Go. However, this memo really captured the interest of fans when they noticed a possible launch of new Pokemon.

More Details on the Event 

As a result, there are now rumors of this Pokemon Go event revealing new Pokemon. Heavy reports that this event will take place on the 8th of December, 2016. This Thursday, Starbucks will collaborate with Pokemon on the release of a new update.

Almost all Starbucks may become Poke Stops and customers can order special drinks while playing the app. Additionally, users have posted the Starbucks promotional page for the event. The page was earlier shared with just employees of the coffee chain brand.

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Will These Rumors Come True? 

This promotional page talks of how “NEW Pokemon” will expand “the world of Pokemon Go”. A “new Starbucks beverage” has also been talked about. There is no official confirmation on whether this is actually going to be true.

However, the first rumor claimed that this event would be held on the 7th of December. However, the latest promotional page leak suggests that the event will take place on the 8th. Several fans are hoping for a launch of second generation Pokemon.

The “Pokemon Go version two” reference in the first memo may actually be true. There may be new Pokemon coming into the picture in the future. There may be a special Starbucks linked Pokemon created for the event as well. has also talked of this upcoming event. Niantic has earlier done the same thing with Ditto.

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