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Pokemon Go Update: Trading Code Disappears – What Happens To Trading Feature

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Pokemon Go Update: Trading Code Disappears – What Happens To Trading Feature

One of the much-awaited features in Pokemon Go may be delayed – or cancelled. Data miners discovered something is missing in the game’s code. This may pose bad news for trainers who have been waiting for new features in the game – in this case, trading.

Pokemon Go skyrocketed the sales of both Nintendo and Niantic Labs since its release last July 2016. This may be the reason why developers are hard at work to introduce new features in the game. After all, there has been a player drop in the title after people found it considerably hard to meet the demands of high-level play.

However, the release of new Pokemon in the recent PokeGo update may be what players need to get back in the game. Still, some hardcore Pokemon fans know the game still lacks a few features to make it the “true” Pokemon experience. One of these is trading, and it may not arrive just yet.

Pokemon Go: Where Did Trading Go?

The news is courtesy of Pokemon Go Hub, which confirmed that the 0.57.2 update of the game did lose the trading code in its core data. Fans can view the specific snippets of code that were removed in its official website. However, the more alarming part is that the trading “infrastructure” was removed from the code as well.

The proposed gaming system, if the initial code in the game is to be believed, involves three steps. The first is “polling” for a trade request, which is returned with another “poll” for a response. There is even an option to “support” trading offers. Fans still have no idea what these specific steps mean, but they do confirm that Niantic Labs had some plans to implement trading.

However, not all hope is lost. PokeGo Hub did reiterate that this does not mean that the trading feature is “lost” forever. It just means Niantic Labs removed a code that is not being used in the game.

Future Patches, Hope

Players can also take into account the “promise” of Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke that trading will arrive in the game. Hanke told Waypoint that the Niantic team took fan hype into consideration when releasing new features, and they still have a desire to make players happy.

If this really is the case, then players may meet a trading feature soon, albeit in another form. Game Rant also wrote that it is important to consider that the game did meet a lot of technical issues since its release. Its global release was delayed for weeks due to the amount of players that crashed its servers. Fixing these and preliminary bugs became the priority of Niantic Labs before adding new features.

A few months and two events later, Niantic Labs is now just releasing some of the game’s most awaited features. Its recent patches involved Buddy Pokemon, or “partners” that collect candy while players walk. There is also a revamped Gym system, new clothes, and an upcoming player-versus-player system. Fans may still hope for the arrival of trading, but perhaps Niantic Labs still has a surprise up its sleeve.

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