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Pokemon Go Update: Spawn Changes In Nest Migration 8

Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go Update: Spawn Changes In Nest Migration 8

Niantic still hasn’t fully neglected Pokemon Go as they recently updated the nests areas in the game.

Ever since the release of Pokemon Sun And Moon, fans of the series and real gamers alike would rather spend time with the recently released 3DS real Pokemon game. The main target demographic for the Pokemon Go aren’t just long time fans of the series and hardcore gamers, but also normies and filthy casuals. So, it is expected for the game to become a huge fad for a short time, then suddenly fade into obscurity. Leaving only those serious in playing the game to still keep on playing it to this day.

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To keep players interested in playing the game, Niantic has recently updated the game to keep things fresh. Expect the following changes for Pokemon Go:

What is a ‘nest migration’?

For those uninitiated with the term, a ‘nest migration’ refers to the updates where changes take place at designated areas where specific Pokemon are expected to spawn. So a ‘nest migration’ is either good news or bad news. Imagine a Dratini spawn point at your bathroom, only to get replaced by a Magikarp in the next update!

The 8th ‘nest migration’ updates:

The 8th nest migration took place just this 1st of December, so time to re-map your list. The previous one took place during 16th of November. The latest migration also appears to be completely random. Fortunately, Heavy has released a detailed list in their website for the nest migrations. It appears that Psyduck spawn points have been replaced by Pikachu’s.

Pokemon Go Pocket has also released another detailed list on their website, so keep your radars on for the changes taking place, as there are still a lot of unconfirmed Pokemon sightings not seen in specific areas before!

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