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Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Event: Here’s What To Expect

Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event
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Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Event: Here’s What To Expect

Pokemon Go is giving you an alternative plan this Valentine’s. Starting February 8, Niantic Labs is setting up a Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event for everyone.

The Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event will start at 11 AM PST. It will run until February 15, Wednesday, and end at the same time.

The event will include candies, the chance to collect pink Pokemon, and the longer duration of Lure modules. Fans of the game are already looking forward to the Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event as a way of spending heart’s day all by themselves.

Looking forward to this Valentine’s special? Check out the details and what to expect from this event below.


According to Niantic Labs’ announcement, the Valentine’s Day special will spread the love by sharing even more candies. Players will get the chance to double the amount of candy they usually get.

Candies in the game are collected by capturing Pokemon and hatching eggs. It increases health points and combat points.

Candies are also specific to each Pokemon. Instead of releasing a Pokemon you don’t need in the wild, transfer it to the Professor and it’ll be converted into candy.

Pink Pokemon

Pink is going to be everywhere, especially in Pokemon Go. Aside from announcing more candies, Niantic Labs shared that “adorable pink Pokemon” are going to make themselves visible to players more frequently.

No certain Pokemon names were mentioned, but so far, the pink Pokemon in the game are Clefable, Chansey and Porygon. As for obtaining pink Pokemon by hatching eggs, you might get a Smoochum, Igglybuff or Cleffa.

Lure Modules

Lure Modules usually last for 30 minutes. But good news to all Pokemon fans for this Valentine’s Day event: Lure Modules will now last for six hours.

A Lure Module can be bought from the shop for a certain amount of PokeCoins. This is then set at a PokeStop where it will lure Pokemon to you and everyone nearby.

Having the Lure Module go on for as long as six hours is already a great deal. 30 minutes can sometimes be short, so enjoy this promo by Niantic this February.

Many are already excited for this event. For the ones with no dates, they’re looking forward to spending it playing Pokemon Go. For those with dates, that still won’t stop them from taking part in this worldwide event.

Have fun playing Pokemon Go this February! For more video gaming news, keep posted on Video Games Republic.

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