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Pokemon Go Valentine’s Event Guide: Lures, Double Candy & More

Pokemon Go Valentine's Event
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Pokemon Go Valentine’s Event Guide: Lures, Double Candy & More

Love is definitely in the air. Nope, players (video game players… not the other kind) do not need a date on the obligatory day of hearts. Why? Because there is a Pokemon GO Valentine’s event happening! The event comes with a truckload of double candy tweaks for all activities, increased spawns on “pink” Pokemon, and Lures extended to a rather lengthy time of six hours.

Not convinced? Here are some of the ways why a Pokemon GO Valentine’s event will take the bitterness away.

1. There’s Double Candy From The Pokemon GO Valentine’s Event, People!

There are lots and lots of sweets to evolve that Pokemon! Double candy is the biggest thing to arrive in the event, allowing players to save up for some of the highly-coveted evolutions missing from the Pokédex.

It might be time to finally evolve that Magikarp, or maybe progress that ever-elusive Dragonite. Use the given time wisely to effectively reach any personal Pokemon goals.

2. Set Priorities: Go On A Date Or Pursue The Pokemon GO Valentines Day Event?

Sorry, no tips on how to score a date here. However, setting priorities in the Pokemon GO Valentine’s event is a good way to go instead! To grind the level up, get buckets of candy for evolution bombs.

To do this, grab all the low-level creatures encountered in the game. As usual, the best move is to save all that candy to evolve all Pokemon at once, especially under the influence of a lucky egg.

3. Saving Premium Items In The Past Will Pay Off Now

Have you been saving premium items like incense or extra incubators since the game started? Good news! This is now a good time to use them.

More creatures mean more candy, and a bigger number of these Pokemon sweets means even more candy during a special event. This is the best time to go after it. Just play the game as normal.

4. Pink Pokemon Are In The Air

Yes, rare and brand spanking new pink Pokemon! To catch them, simply go outside and find their spawn areas.

Do the same for eggs. It is good to catch these rare creatures because pink Pokemon have increased hatch rates. Make sure to grab all those incubators anytime during the event.

5. Lures Are Always A Good Plan

If everything fails, Lures are the key to success. Lures are the biggest boost in the game. Aside from buying them, there are other ways to get these goodies. Look for the usual confetti around a Pokéstop and try to see if there are any stops with two overlapping Lures. Additionally, buying is always a good way to support the game.

The Pokemon GO Valentine’s event allows players to gain an advantage with the arrival of those much-awaited Gen 2 Pokemon. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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