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Pokemon Prism Fan Project Shut Down By Nintendo Before Launch

Pokemon Prism
Image source: Screen grab Youtube/Gjp Gjp account

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Pokemon Prism Fan Project Shut Down By Nintendo Before Launch

Pokemon Prism has been shut down by its developer, Nintendo, prior to the launch of the fan project. This event was due to Nintendo’s cease and desist order issued to the creator of the game for the due protection of the company’s intellectual property.

Prism is a Hack ROM of Pokemon Crystal and was created by a fan known by the name Adam or by his twitter name, Koolboyman. The game has been in his development for the past 8 years.

Pokemon Prism

Prism is now a cancelled game. But historically, the game broke out after Adam, the game creator, uploaded a pre-release trailer for the ROM hack. It went viral in over just a single day.

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Fans and the creator himself assert that the release of the teaser ahead of the launch of the game itself may have alerted Nintendo with the copyright infringement of its own property. Therefore, fans were not able to download the game before it was even released, much to their disappointment.

The creator admitted that uploading the teaser before the game was even released was a big mistake. He even took this to Twitter and said, “I’m also responsible for this situation. Trailer shouldn’t have been made & I shouldn’t have been such a perfectionist and finish it sooner.”

But Pokemon Prism was not the first fan-made game stopped by the gaming giant for having stolen its intellectual property. A game which goes with the name Pokemon Uranium was previously shut down a few months ago, a few days after the game was released, as reported by Game Rant.

Creator’s Side

The creator Adam expressed his emotions via Twitter. He was obviously upset that his 8-year effort of making the game had been wasted away. He even mentioned that at one point, he got depressed.

The creator of Prism shared his apologies with his fellow Pokemon fans via the social media platform. He also said that he learned an important knowledge and “experience as a game developer” which “…Nintendo can never take away from [him]”, Adam tweeted.

Pokemon Prism

Image source: Screen grab @Koolboyman Twitter account

Adam also advised his supporters not to attack Nintendo.

Pokemon Prism was supposed to be released later this week.

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