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Pokemon Prism Leak After Nintendo Shutdown: What We Know So Far

Pokemon Prism
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/HeroVoltsy account


Pokemon Prism Leak After Nintendo Shutdown: What We Know So Far

Nintendo issued a cease and desist order to Pokemon Prism last December 21. This ended the 8-year long development of the game and caused the creator to shut down his website. However, there has been a leaked build of the game which now allows the frustrated Prism fans who have patiently awaited to play the game.

Pokemon Prism Leaked

The leaked v0.91 build 0144 of the game was from December 19 where an anonymous user on 4chan had discovered and eventually posted the game on the site. The files are a README file. The hackers have clarified in the file that they are not affiliated whatsoever with Koolboyman, the developer of the game. They also said that they got a copy of the game because “some dev was careless”.

The team of pirates also said that they removed the original credits in the game just in case Nintendo’s legal department files another suit against the release of the hack ROM, thus the original developers cannot be held liable and responsible for the distribution.

Pokemon Prism

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/HeroVoltsy account

The hackers encourage the fans to distribute the game since they claim that it is improbable that Koolboyman would stop them after the issue of the order.

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What is New in Pokemon Prism

Pokemon Prism is a cancelled fan-made hack ROM of Pokemon Crystal. Koolboyman created the game for a long period of 8 years. The developers would have released the game this Christmas but Nintendo did not allow that to happen. They put a stop to the game four days before its release.

The Pokedex has a number of 252 Pokemon. The game also includes new mini-games and plot points wherein the player controls a Pokemon. The setting of the game is in Naljo but players can travel to Rijon for another quest.

The game is a sequel of Pokemon Brown, a hack ROM of Pokemon Red. Thus, there are new Elemental Types and new Technical Machines (TM). The game also adds character customization, the ability to play as the Pokemon, original gas-type or sound-type monsters, and a new region to explore within Pokemon Crystal. But the file distributed by the hackers is not an exact carbon copy of what it would have been before its initial release by Koolboyman.

Nintendo has also stopped several more fan-made Pokemon games. These include Pokemon Uranium and other Nintendo-themed game such as Another Metroid 2 Remake (AM2R).

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